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Whoosh. Better.

I got so much accomplished today. Up at my regular hour and well rested for the first time in days. I met with Professor Steinhorn to discuss viable options for my paper and my thesis. I felt better about my prospects but I still feel like I am in that transition year. The one where everyone knows you were qualified to get there but still doesn't think you are good enough to do it. I'm so used to being able to prove people wrong immediately. I kind of like this new challenge.

I got 75% of my financial aid troubles squared away. I finally deposited my refund check in the bank so I can pay my rent. I mailed a package to some very special friends. I renewed my stuff at the library and checked out some books that are going to be "fun" reading but will eventually help me with my classes too. I went to an acapella concert for a group I'm auditioning for Sunday evening. I had eggs-with-a-hole-in-the-middle for dinner. I worked for three hours and finished an entire project, convincing my boss to give me slightly more stimulating work. Mind you, it has the same strategic vantage-point as filing, but it is going to result in "research" or so he says.

Tomorrow I am going to clean the apartment like a madwoman so that it'll be nice when one (or more?) of my friends shows up for the USC/Georgia showdown. There will be shouting involved, I am sure of it. I am going to work on my HOBY project tomorrow for at least two hours and finish my writing homework and read for theory. I cannot wait to do it. But tonight, I am watching Grey's Anatomy. Dana ordered Netflix and it came today so while she goes to hang out with Bill, I am letting my brain take a break. It needs a break. And I don't feel guilty.

Love always, ~Heather