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The Revolving Door

The revolving door known as my roommate situation has swung again. All of the other people who moved into my current place with me originally have moved out now. Sure, there are still some bills to figure out and items of mail to forward, but today life here changed again.

My latest new roommate will be moving in this weekend, and then all the rooms will be full again. I hope for another batch of folks I can call my friend. If you've got to have a revolving door, it's nice to make sure there's always laughter on my side.

Plus, it was about time for a new adventure. :)

Love always, ~Heather

A Million Gajillion Years

I know it feels like that long since I've posted here. Here's what's been going on:

I work on a team that has two responsibilities - I focus on the more communications side and my counterpart (a level above me, but not my direct supervisor) did more of the government relations. She left in August, and I am super excited for the new adventures her life is taking her on. However, this left me doing two jobs.

My team has a few other people on it too. Two full-time interns/fellows. Now they're not fetching coffee or making copies - they're doing substantial work; and one position was taken away in September. That left 80 hours of work a week (let's say that it's 80, instead of the reality which was 9+ hour days more than once a week) to be split among myself, a new fellow, my direct supervisor, and our administrative assistant. My direct supervisor is leaving in two weeks to start a company. That's an additional 60+ hours for the fellow, our assistant and me.