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Home Sweet Home?

As I sit here watching Sweet Home Alabama I'm thinking about life as I currently know it. I'll be heading back to the place where I did most of my growing up at the end of the month. My grandfather is having heart surgery (prayers please) so I'm going down to be with him and my grandma during the pre-surgery work-up and then through the surgery. My mother and uncle may or may not be joining me down there before the actual surgery, but we're not sure yet.

I am surprisingly calm (though full of butterflies). I work better in emergency situations, or ones that need direct leadership. Also, I like that I am in a place in my life where I can be there for my family - as they have been there for me so often. Best of all, I'll get to be there before and after to spend time with him and pep him up before and to help him recover after. Most of that is going to be taking care of my grandma who is already stressed (understandably).

Today I also helped celebrate the retire…

Power? Check.

I apologize (as I keep doing) about my hiatus. I do not have the same wonderful excuses as some of my blogging pals (newborns, new jobs, vacations, etc.), but I do have an explanation. It appears as if my computer took a little too much stress while I was living in France. I always had a power converter on it when it was plugged in, but alas, those were some big jolts.

So over the past couple weeks I had to go and figure out what was wrong (the battery and the power source died simultaneously, which made the computer rather difficult to turn on) and then acquire the pieces I needed for a solution (which resulted in a rather long call relayed to India where the respondent seemed to only hear one or two words of my response at a time and was reading off a sheet of paper).

But, I have my computer again. And yes, I know I could have blogged from some place else like a borrowed computer or work, but I feel like I am inconveniencing someone or else creating a mighty big window of opportuni…

New Feature

I've added a new feature to my blog sidebar that lets everyone link to the items I share in my Reader. If you want to see the comments (since I often share things with a sarcastic or encouraging comment), you'll have to click on "Read more..." at the bottom of the "Interesting Reads" box.

If I subscribe to your blog it may even be one of my featured stories.

More news later,


P.S. For those who prefer privacy with their blogs (everyone has certain things they prefer not to share with people outside their regular readership) let me know and I'll try not to share anything you'd rather I didn't.

P.P.S Looking at my current reading list, I fear my nerdiness about science is greatly revealed.