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Change Up

I am working on this new part of my life - a part I've never actually made a conscious effort in before. I'm working on finding happiness.

I am differentiating this from other phases of my life as previous experiments of this nature have always had secondary objectives, as opposed to an overall goal. I am looking to find happiness. End goal: be happy.

This is not, in any way whatsoever, to imply that I am not currently happy. I am. I just think there is more happiness out there I am not participating in.

I love my friends (and my readers!) for example. Only, I don't spend as much time with them as I would like. This may be a withdrawl factor from leaving school - you don't see your friends in class everyday in addition to your social times. Another factor in this is the widespread nature of my friends. I do not think there is anything to do here except to look for more opportunities to make friends and to engage my current friends in activities we find mutually b…

A Tale of Two Butterflies

So the other day I had a chance encounter with a caterpillar. We were just hum-drumming along and eating leaves when we found ourselves on the same live oak.

We had a few things in common, being caterpillars and all.

The next time I saw him, he was all bundled up in his chrysalis, and we "hung out".

Now, I'm a bit sad, because he is breaking out of his haven and is moving on. Bright and shining and ready for a new life. I am also changed, but not moving yet. I'm content here for a bit longer.

I wish we had met sooner, since we would really have had fun together, looking for leaves and eating leaves, and talking about eating leaves.

Perhaps I will break out in just enough time so we can go flying about the garden, sucking sweet nectar from the splendiforous local flowers for a bit.

He'll be flying away soon. So should I rush out to spend a bit of magical time or stay and rest, knowing we'll be meeting again in other gardens and spend happy time then?

It's ha…

Neurons Neutralized

In my last post I was waiting for my neurons to start firing again. Today I found out why they haven't yet. My immune system has gone crazy with the cold that led to the second, impromptu surgery and the barely sleeping during HOBY (which began mere hours after the stitches were put in again), followed by 9 hours of sleep and then work for four days straight and then the weekend. I knew I had to relax this weekend.

So after Friday night, I rested all weekend. This was perfect timing as the temperature was incredibly high this past weekend and going outdoors would have been ridiculous. I watched movies and cleaned up a few things around the house and started feeling sick.

This is a thing that happens to me every once in awhile where I am running on high speed and then I take the time to relax and my body says - oh look, it's a great time to get sick! This was happening right before HOBY, but the after-surgery antibiotics kept my little cold in check. So the combination of …

(Abbreviated) Late Night Rambling

Like the good (or at least long winded days) of years past, I am up late and in the mood to share.

I had a fun time out with Kate and Dana tonight - latin dancing at Cafe Salsa. I wore the new crazy heels and actually danced in them. I need to practice finding my center when I'm up that high, but the fact that I spun in them is pretty amazing.

We had total girl talk and it was nice to just dish that way. But the girl talk got me thinking.

(A half hour of typing and - ultimately - deleting.)

I had a bunch of ideas about this, but nothing is coming out coherently. Hopefully sleep will get my neurons firing again for tomorrow.

Hugs, ~Heather

New Jersey Photoblog

We took a recent family trip to New Jersey for my uncle's wedding. Afterwards, we hung out with the other side of the family at my paternal Grandmother's house. I just want to say that the Jersey shore is one of the best places ever. And now, since it was such a hit and because it is much easier than trying to write about four action packed days, I give you another round of photo blogging.

At the "second reception" in my Uncle's backyard. The family, with newly added aunt and cousins take first group shot.
There is something about making ridiculous faces that appeals to all the siblings in my family...
Dunes on the beach - before summer storms and inconsiderate tourists...
Cousins with Grandfather on his bench near the shore. He's always with us - especially at the beach. Also, on a comedic note - we are all wearing long sleeves or hoodies and flip flops. Cool fun in the early northern summertime.
Travis and Katie (his girlfriend) walking down towards the w…

A new hat

<--- Getting everyone's attention at VA HOBY 2008

This year at HOBY, I was the Director of Programs. That basically means that everything that I was responsible for everything the 230+ ambassadors did from 1pm on Friday until 3pm on Sunday.

We had panels and workshops and service project planning. There was an ice cream social/birthday party (HOBY's 50th! VA HOBY's 30th!), spirit breaks, and a dance. They had a picnic lunch and watched a movie, spent time reflecting on issues, marketing objects, and building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows. They learned from volunteer representatives and an Oxfam Hunger Dinner.

They had a weekend chock full of friends, fun and leadership training.

I say I was wearing a new hat, because long time readers will remember that I have previously served as a facilitator at HOBY (2006 & 2007) and was an ambassador in 1999. Having this new level of responsibility took me farther away from the students I love to interact with, but g…