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ESA Avancez!

Comme biodome en Arizone, c'est un examen d'endurance psychologique. Je ne sais pas si les russes et europeans sont plus avancez que les americains mais je suis content quand meme!

L'aventure a mars. Un voyage extrordinaire. Je ne peux pas attends. Tant pis, on n'avait pas quelquechose comme ca chez moi!

Un loft comme sur Mars - Sciences - AOL Actualité

For my non-French readers ... the European Space Agency is recruiting members to simulate a mission to Mars by spending 105 days in a mock-up facility in Moscow. I sort of wish I could do that!

One day, after all my other jobs and adventures, I think doing something like this would be awesome.

Also, the more important thing to remember here is that the Russians and Europeans are looking at the effects of extended time in confined spaces - preliminary mission steps. Could this action be the type of challenge that ignites another space race and pushes America into a frontier outside of Earth's gravitational field?


6 classes, 8 days

Summer School Countdown: 6 classes, 4 papers, 1 presentation, 8 days, and (hopefully) 2 A's.

This weekend I went home to NC to visit my family for Father's Day. The number one thing about being at home is family. Number two is, of course, food. I managed to finish about 90% of my homework too, which is probably a record for a vacation weekend.

I still have alot of work this week - tons of research, etc. to prepare for the four papers I have due in the next eight days (4, 3, 25, and 15 pages). Plus, I really need to catch up on some work work I have been putting off.

Tonight in class, Peter Eisner of the Washington Post came to talk to us about his book, The Italian Letter. I recently wrote ten pages analyzing it and was excited to have the chance to ask him some questions about the text. My primary question was why he left the motive out of his discussion (the subject of the book is the Bush administration's abuse of power in manipulating the intelligence community and …

Nee Encore

Throughout the weekend I was at a friend's wedding celebrations (pre and post). She is Pakistani and Muslim. It was the most interesting weekend of services ever. Z looked so beautiful in her hand-beaded outfit - shiny gold and silver, henna on her hands and feet ... it was so awesome. The coolest part was how she was glowing. I've never seen this before in all the weddings I've been to: on Friday she was Z, the girl I love to catch dinner and a movie with, today she was Z still, but there was this whole new happiness about her. I've never seen her so happy. It was a wonderful thing.

After she gets back from her honeymoon, I'll ask her permission to put a picture of her in her sahri (is that the right spelling?) up here so you can see what a glorious golden princess she looks like! I'll also try to find out who the prophet was her new mother in-law quoted saying: "you are born now together into this new life" (or something similar to that).

I ca…

Au milieu, les secrets se cachent

We may have finally figured out what exactly needs to be done to fix my shoulder. That was the best sentence I could think of to start this post, even though it has nothing to do with what I am thinking about. I just finished watching The Man Without a Face. Somehow it makes me want to internalize. (Yes, LB, this is like the time I watched Nell, except I am not leaving my chair this time!)

Today was certainly interesting. This morning I met with my boss, who is difficult to communicate with - to say the least. The first thing that happened was that he brought something up in conversation he thought I needed to read, and without having read it, I spouted back the ideas from the article. It was about space and NASA, so I was at an advantage, but it threw him off-guard. Even though he knows that it is one of my areas of expertise, he seemed shocked that I was capable of not only providing him information he had just recently read, but then analyzing it - all without seeing his sou…