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So nothing

I have so much nothing to do it is unbareable. Isay this because in reality there is plenty to do, new things to experience, and millions of books I have yet to read. I could write emails to friends who have written to me, I could make a comparitive table for the grad schools I have to choose from. I could do alot of things. But I'm not. And I probably won't. What is wrong with me?


I am so frustrated right now I could really wring someone's neck. My students make the choice to just not come to class. Someone else takes my room - even though I have been using the same room all year and am always there. I have complained a 100 times. No one seems to think it matters what one insignificant little American thinks. (Frankly, it is just because I am an assistant and not a professor.)

This time, I ran into the principal as I was going to the teacher's lounge - and although there are about five levels of command in between this problem and him, I was so angry I told him about it. Not kidding, someone just interrupted me from writing this blog to find out what the problem was and why it happened. That is one way to make sure a problem gets corrected.

Anyway, besides that, things are okay. I have another teacher interested in special sessions, so Good Friday I'll be teaching two hours of Dance and Movement in Musical Theater. I am excited to be able to …

Decisions & Work

Decisions, decisions. How do you decide? Do you use your full heart? Or use your full mind?
Decisions, decisions. Oh what will you do? You'll have to decide now. It's all up to you.
For sure I will be going to graduate school next year. I got in to my number 2 choice school with a full-ride (and an assistantship to cover fees) and government loans and possible outside scholarships should cover the rest. I also got in to my first choice. They did not give me any money however. Now, I have a serious decision to make.

Do I go with exactly what I want and have been looking for or do I go with the school that won't really cost me anything and is still ranked in the top 10 schools in the nation for Communications? One allows me the opportunity to work in my field and have experience by the time I graduate the other will allow a part-time job. One requires a thesis, the other doesn't. I've never visited either campus, but I know one will have a college feel to it and the other is …

Stories within Stories

The following are stories within stories. All the links pretty much throw you here, so enjoy! Note: You should read the Romanzo Criminale blog first if you want to understand these "inside stories."

The Weird Dream
In my dream I heard music. I danced and did whatever else you do when you hear music. (In my dancing, I somehow clicked off the alarm clock) Then, a little later in the dream, I had an appointment. It was 10:20 and I should have been there at 10. I was late. I walked in and apologized to the secretary. Then I looked up again to confirm how late I was to myself, and it was 7:40. Wow, that's weird I thought. Then I woke up. It was 7:38. I was late.

Crap Things about my 200 year old building
In my hallway there were three floods last week.
On my floor, the boys sink(s) in the dormitory overflowed. Status: Fixed with French Drano.
On the second floor, water has been dripping for almost a month. The drip turned serious when it suddenly became a stream, and broke threw th…

Romanzo Criminale

For those of you who don't know, that's Italian.

Today has been such a whirlwind of stuff, it reminds me of the good old days when I was busy. I went to bed around 1 in the morning (after the time change). Why so late? Because we drove to Reims last night for a volleyball game, which we lost.

During the third game, the stupid coach actually called a timeout to yell at me. I'm serious. Not because I was playing poorly, but because the ref had called me on being in the net or going under the net (he wasn't even sure) and I said that was ridiculous and that I hadn't touched the net. The ref, being the ref, obviously won this little dispute. The idiot who claims to be our coach (but comes to practice only once a month and doesn't actually train with us when she is there) took the side of the ref, not because he was right (because seriously, the other team even seemed to agree with me) but because she thinks I should set from the ten foot line instead of being next to…

Rencontres Interculturelles

Intercultural Meetings. Doesn't it look about 100 times nicer in French?

The city of Charleville-Mézières has a week a year where they celebrate cultural diversity. I have taken part in two exceptional intercultural activities so far.

Last night I went to see La Trahison or Treason in English. It was a film about two soldiers in the Algerian War versus France when they wanted their independence. The story followed this Lieutenant and a regular foot soldier through the closing of villages and moving the locals to camps. The private was of Algerian ancestry. His commanding officer didn't know what to make of it all. However, the other soldiers of French ancestry and the officers in high command suspected the private and his other Arab friends of being traitors because of their roots. They treated them poorly, and all the while these poor guys are getting it from the locals who call them swine and their "comrades" who mock and segregate them. The private asks fo…


I spent a good part of this morning reading other people's blogs. I got as far as three times removed from the original blog post I had been reading. I even commented as often as I felt moved to (unless they had Livejournal, in which case, it wouldn't let me).

In my reading I came across St.Elizabeth's response to a question I had posted on her blog a few days ago. (You should scan through any of her blogs for some interesting medical/religious interpretations.) Anyway, it made me think about the usefulness of this particular blog page.

I wonder if I will continue to blog after all my adventuring is done. i feel like this is a medium that allows for intimate thoughts and appropriate response - without fear of having to see someone's face. But then again, I rarely have trouble looking someone in the eye when explaining my point of view on anything.

Then, I couldn't decide if I liked that all my blogs are exceptionally long. I have resigned myself to this.

All th…


Today I taught a class of three students a lesson I have learned from every teacher since Mrs. Molyneux (kindergarten): I can be/do anything I set my mind to.

These kids really thought they couldn't. They have always been told it isn't possible. So I asked them, how do you think so-and-so did it? If it isn't possible, how did they do it?

They, I kid you not, really struggled with a response. Emeline finally said they had confidence in themselves. I gave these kids a pep-talk for the next 40 minutes basically. I told them they could change the world. I said they could do anything they set their mind to. I asked them questions and then more questions trying to pry their fears out of them. I made all self-doubt look illogical. I made all impossibilities practical realities.

They don't think things can ever change. I told them that couldn't possibly be true. Then the bell rang. They stayed.

You could tell they were at least ready to hear that there were othe…

A is for Also

Also, I wanted to tell you that after doing some blog reading (catching up, reading everyone else's stuff, I am bursting with emotion. [Be sure to footnote here my journal entry in the brown leather journal from last night. *In case I ever do really malke my book.*] Perhaps there is a poem to follow. Love always, ~Heather


Relentles as my pursuit might be to put the photos from the trip up on the website, I have been stumped yet again. Still lacking that cable (honestly haven't looked that hard this week hoping that STOPPING looking would make it appear), I must resort to using my USB key to put the pictures on the computer. Not a problem. Except at school you can only upload one at a time like that. Not so cool. So I went to Alice's where I was bound to be able to fix that problem. Not so much. Her computer doesn't recognize my key. So, as unluck would have it - still no pictures.

However, for those of you who are exceptionally lovely and sent me messages about my slackness in getting the pictures posted (seriously, I appreciate them, it proves that at least someone is reading this), I will make each of you a CD slide show of the pictures I have taken since I got here and send it to you when I get home. Because, to put up with my rambling, you must deserve it.

Good news though, I ha…

Food notes

You should buy some goat cheese. I just did.
In lieu of leaving my sudden thoughts on my IM away screen I leave this to you. Off to enjoy the beautiful weather. ~Heather

The Moon is Up

Last night I decided to read instead of writing comments for the pictures I promised. I didn't do most of the things I was supposed to do. I read. John Steinbeck's masterpiece in my eyes is The Moon is Down. It is a story about a Norwegian town that was invaded by the Nazis during WWII. I read all 142 pages in about an hour and a half. It was compelling, moving, motivational, telling, and human. It gave personality to the Germans as much as it did to the Norwegians. It talked about war as only one can talk about war after it has been experienced, but in a present tense that was entirely believable.

If you haven't read anything by Steinbeck lately (or ever you sad, sad, literature-deprived people) this is the one to read. Now I've read The Pearl, Of Mice and Men, most of The Red Pony, and of course the never-ending Grapes of Wrath. But this is the book. (It was first printed in the very early 50's if you are having trouble finding it.)

Anyway, besides being moved by l…

Warning: Novella to Follow

I have decided in my infinite wisdom (meaning my lack there of entirely) to create one long blog about the past two weeks. This will most certainly result in many of you losing your collective mnds. Either that, or you will not read the entire thing and certainly ask me all sorts of questions I have already answered about what happened, what we thought was funny, etc. This is in the hope that you actually care, have time to, or even know that the last two weeks were full of interesting trips and such.

OKay, so I lied about writing a novella. In fact, I have decided to spare you from my incessant ramblings (except for these introductory paragraphs). Because a picture is worth a thousand words and we took about 1000 pictures (that, by the way, is not a joke) I think that the next million words are a little futile. So, I am going to outline the trip, and as I slowly upload the pictures to the internet, I am going to create links to the photo galleries. Each photo will have an accompaning …


Things that are missing:

Two weeks or more worth of blogs
Lots of pictures (taken but unposted)
Cable to hook camera to computer (likely hidden in the disaster of my single room being shared by two people)
Comments of concern (besides one from Marco) about my lack of blogging.

Coming soon:
Descriptions of trips to more places than I will write about now.
Rambling of the incessant, intolerable, and Heather kind.
Comments from readers who, in their exasperating love for me, will feel the need to post remarks expressing shock, concern, surprise, glee, or any number of other emotions about the upcoming blogs and photos.**

More soon.... ~Heather
**Indicates you must be involved.**