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Daily News

Frustration ensues over people who refuse to try new things but expect the opposite of you. News at 11.

Other Daily News bullets:

Last night I checked my bed, as I always do, for spiders. This started in the fifth grade when I watched a Discovery Channel video on black widows that should be forbidden before middle school. Since I moved here, I started checking around and behind the bed too (no reason to risk it with so many other bugs around). Last night I discovered a rather large spider of unknown species in the corner. Long story short. I killed it with spray and removed it from under my bed with a knitting needle. Interesting result: I realized that keeping my room clean and sprayed still wouldn't keep the bugs away - but at least it was helping.

My dental insurance people are pretty stupid.

Skimming an article for sections that are actually going to teach you something is fairly simple, and an effective way to save time. I still felt like I was cheating a little.

I was not as successful on my third writing assignment. The grades don't count yet, and although good, not where I want them. Rewriting is in the future.

The score today in sports: Away 0, Home 0.

(I think I am going to try to add a stock photo from my collection every day now. Makes it a little prettier.)

The Career Center helped me evaluate my resume today and find appropriate search engines for jobs and internships. It is a little scary to think that less than a year from now I will be out of school and on my way to my real life (as if this wasn't!).

I have a phone interview (or I will) with a staffer from the 2004 Donna Frye campaign. (San Diego mayoral where she won as a write-in candidate and then was passed over because too many constituents either spelled her name without the "e" or because they didn't fill in the bubble after writing her name on the line.) It is for a paper I am writing on the stategic communications of the campaign. I love how school is allowing me this opportunity to network from the opposite side of the country!

The sour cream and green olive sauce for the pork was not as thick as it was supposed to be. I need to work on that. The dijon-vinagrette however was excellent. I really like cooking. It is like practical chemistry.

Speaking of chemistry [tangent starting] I thought of a fabulous way to teach science in universities. A huge amount of undergrads are required to take one or two semesters of science with lab to meet basic liberal arts requirements. I think those survey courses should be combined and taught with the five most important principles from each subject. Labs should be practical uses of science in real life. Homework will be problems, of course, and papers. Papers should be one page (or more!) biographies of important scientists and the principle subjects they studied. I feel like doing it this way would be a great way to have people remember a little bit more about what they are being force-fed. Also, it would help the next generation of Americans feel better abotu science, because they will understand how it applies to practical, real-life situations. [/tangent]

I wanted to call my friends tonight. I felt like I needed to talk to someone. But I didn't want to have to dial. Phone telepathy, as it turns out, is lost on me.

Studio 60, the newest Aaron Sorkin show, was ... interesting. I don't think it was as dynamic a pilot as some of the other things I have seen, but he got all the info in there. He also nodded to some of the best elements of his other shows: chapter titles in West Wing font, characters like Cal (previously Danny Kincanin) and Danny (previously Josh); Matt (a Republican lawyer I've forgotten the name of, but also Chandler) and his Whole Nine Yards co-star Amanda as Jordan; and of course Felicity Huffman who appeared in both Sports Night and West Wing. There was also the dad from Independence Day. Lots of familiar faces.

The set and camera angles are all Sports Night relics and the co-exec is a West Wing all-star. It is cool how the show is set up to allow plenty of guest stars to play themselves, or others. It references existing stations while creating an entirely new broadcasting corporation. i think the thing I might like best is how they opened up the doors for entertainment industry jokes, writer plots, political satire, and blatant honesty.

Yes, it was too much at once for the non-intellectual TV viewing audience. If I didn't know it was going to get better, I might have turned it off fifteen minutes in. But towards the end you could see the slide to a more familiar pace and writing style; one I have sorely missed. Interesting note: pilots, as a rule, don't get to run their credits or any other "name of show" titles. Because of the layout of this show, it was possible to introduce not only the concept and attitude but the name of the show as well. I am prepped to see if it will take off. I hope so, I love to listen to the quick and witty dialogue.

And now my ramblings are done. I have work to do before tomorrow, clothes to fold before bed, and papers to recycle so I can save the world one tree at a time. It's gonna be a fun night. Love always, ~Heather

Quote of the day: L'espoir fair vivre. Hope keeps you alive.