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I really...

[On Friday]
...went to the Career Center and got advice on how to apply for internships at the Department of State.

...had curry for lunch with Erin and talked about framing, religion, surveys, and classes.

...went to a meeting for the School of Communication Graduate Student Leadership Council. The guy in charge is not particularly responsible and he has these very bizarre ideas about how to spend the $27,000 alotted to us. I think I am going to have to get involved just to make sure the money gets spent on the whole school (since every student has to contribute to the fund).

...met with Dr. Nisbet about all the things I wasn't getting in his class. We talked a little about work and I think we really got things worked out now. I am still slightly concerned about the human element, but I think this puts us on a better footing for work and for me really getting the most out of his class.

...learned how to read. At least the grad school way. It is called "triage." You know the term, it's from ER. I basically have to go through and find the case studies and journal articles that are the most important, in most need of my attention and attack those first - that way when I am assigned 500 pages for one week again I'll be able to get through the big stuff and still have time to breathe. Thank you Drs. Liu and Nisbet for that!

...talked to my fabulous Grandmother on the phone! She is in the picture there, can you figure out which one I am related to?

...interviewed the campaign manager from the Donna Frye 2004 mayoral race in San Diego. It was so cool to get an insider's view on the communication strategy behind a campaign, even if the strategy was "be different from the other guy." I just moved a branch of my network to the other side of the country. How cool is that?

...almost called an emotionally-detached person who usually throws me for a loop. Luckily I got rid of their phone number and so in the process of searching for it checked my email and ... invited to a party!

...went to a party on a Friday night in DC. It was other people from my program. It was great to see them outside of school and really hang out. I tried to hide the mother-hen part of me, so it only came out when I drove a bunch of people home. hit on by a rather stupid drunk guy. And, when he would not leave me alone in a spirit of masochistic fervor, I verbally abused him (in a joking way).

...invited someone out on the balcony to chat with me. I don't think I am usually this forward in party situations, so it was a nice little achievement - event though about ten people followed us out there and we really didn't get to talk.

[On Saturday]
...watched way too much Grey's Anatomy.

...did my homework sitting in a playground fort (and a little on the swings).

...learned an enormous amount about nuclear energy plants and southeastern Connecticut. (Paula, do you know that you reside in a location that falls in 2 overlappping 50 mile precautionary zones for emergency nuclear meltdown evacuation?)

...had excpetionally bizarre dreams.

...ate multi-colored, birthday cake flavored ice cream. The buttercream frosting part was not as good as the cake parts.

...was happy the Gamecocks defeated FAU. I love ESPN Gametracker. It makes being far away not seem that bad.

[On Sunday]
...enjoyed the paster's homily for the second week in a row.

...loved Lauren F.'s recipe, via Dana, for tuna-noodle salad.

Now I am going to go to Costco, write a paper on all that nuclear stuff I learned, take a voluntary online quiz, and read the rest of the Washington Post. I'll probably work too. I'm feeling motivated. What did you do this weekend? Love always, ~Heather

P.S. In searching for today's picture, I found this for you Napoleon:
Maybe you should get an interactive rosary for your car! Hugs, ~HB