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(Biased?) News

I love musicals and musical theater. I am particularly attached to a number of songs from musicals ranging from the 30's to now. However, when the Stephen Shwartz Project tortured "Defying Gravity" from Wicked tonight I was really disappointed. I was also disappointed (though it is only more proof I have to get into this world and correct these instances) that they advertized him as being the creator of the musical Wicked and yet they only did one song from it. Moreover, they had a girl who had no business singing the song sing it.

But the entire show at the Kennedy Center Metrostage was not a bust. "It's an art" from Working was hysterical. The girl singing the waitress' part was a Kristen Chenowith in training. Unfortunately (still harping) they cut that duet section from "Defying Gravity," so I never got to hear her go for it. I was surprised to learn that Stephen Shwartz also wrote; in addition to Pippin, Children of Eden, and Godspell; "When you believe" from the Dreamworks picture Prince of Egypt.

I got to share this fabulous experience with Garrison who fought some serious traffic to get up here today. We popped into the American History Museum and spotted a few classics among the "This Exhibition is Closed" signs. I took a picture of the Muppets for Dad and got some great shots of the Capitol building and the Washington Monument with brooding and wispy (respectively) clouds behind them.

Tonight I spent most of the evening reading the news online. After going over my syllabi before my little jaunt, I discovered that basically all of my teachers expect me to be fluent in current events. I also had to bone up on important figures, particularly Democrats.

All of my teachers are liberals. This does not discourage me in anyway, I just wish I had more of a balance. Now you are going to say, "But you went to American University." Which is true. But then again, I had no idea that this one was so left-leaning. I actually figured that since universities tend to be liberal but you have to have alot of money to go to school at AU and more rich people are Republicans, that I would get a blend. Oops. Plus, I discovered the slightly leftist tint to the Washington Post recently since I have been reading the Daily Express. I might have to pick up a Wall Street Journal or something else that is more conservatively inclined so I can keep myself from being disproportionately persuaded. I won't switch to Fox news or anything, I just want to maintain a little equilibrium.

Re-reading I am now thinking that before making my school selection I actually gave no thought to its possible political inclination. My writing professor would say this means that I am not cut out to work anywhere near politics, since I am not diligent enough to know what is going on. I cling to the optimistic hope that my faithfullness to being an Independent is not considered indecisiveness. Because truly, it is much thought out and has been repeatedly deliberated. I even asked people to try and convince me one way or another at one point. I like my position. But I am going to read up on my news until I am fluent enough to defend it with irrefutable examples.

[For those who are interested in the articles that just "made" me want to write about them in my search for news, check out the "More of Me" link.]

For now though, I am going to bed. I need to haul myself to church tomorrow morning and then come home and do at least 100 pages of reading before I break for an outdoor activity (crossed fingers for a pleasant predicted 80 degrees). And thanks to babysitting tonight, it doesn't necessarily have to be free!

Love always, ~Heather