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One Fine Day

Church at Little Flower - 9am mass is better than 10:30. Part of the homily was about waiting for our calling. In the middle of the homily I figured out what my religious calling might be. I think I am going to work for the Cardinal responsible for the US and get paid to go to every seminary and diocese and give classes on how to give homilies. Not necessarily content so much as performance. I think a few tips would have parishoners much more involved in the message and therefore the church. Stand up straight. Don't lean on the podium. Make sure the crowd can hear you. Occassionally make a facial expression that gives the impression YOU might care about what you are saying. Try multiple tones in your voice. These are easy things that would make church MUCH better. I am serious, I might do this.

Newspaper and nap time.

PC Writing assignment: Simplify a biology article written for college seniors to a ninth grade reading level. 6 rewrites, two editors (thanks Dana and Dad), and it is at 9.0 grade level and 50.4 Flesch reading ease. Also, thvisiloav is not a word. In case you were wondering.

HOBY survey evaluations. Thanks again to Dana for her assistance. There were winners and losers among our esteemed panelists and speakers. Let's just say not everyone should be invited back next year.

Dinner. Mom sent delicious eggplant parmagianna (amongst other things including floss :) ).

Third thank you to Dana for playing my audition piece a couple of times for me and warming me up before my audition.

Audition. I am not a big fan of Tangueray (since the application asked). I started on the wrong note during my piece, but managed the sight reading fairly well and could do the listen-sing back part really well. If I get it, cool. If not, I understand. I have never been great at auditioning.

Football: Eli vs. Peyton. I really like Eli. He is the first quarterback I ever watched and thought to myself, "Wow, this guy is really good." Then I found out he was up for the Heisman. The game isn't over yet, but things weren't good when we clicked it off.

Dad is sleeping in my room tonight and I have the couch. It's going to be fun. Tomorrow AM I am going to head into the city with him and just take the metro home afterwards. Having him here makes me miss my family a little more than usual. But since yesterday (not long, I know) I feel a little more like me here. I am settling in. Heather is starting to show up. I like that. Especially since my sarcasm seems to be coming back. Gotta love that.

However I am off to enjoy a little DVD time with Dana before hitting my pillow for the night. Much love to my friends around the world, ~Heather