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Basically Boring

I feel like I have a million things to say and nothing to tell you all at the same time. Alot has been going on lately, but most of it has been happening ... well internally (i.e. not for blog publication).

Here are the basics:

School is going okay. I haven't really gotten into full swing yet. I also haven't had a full week with all of my classes yet either.

A professor I have a difficult time getting along with is really trying to help me. I need to stop venting about him because although he has his bad moments, he also has his good moments.

I'm being patient and nice dealing with multiple people on multiple fronts. This is like a really weird battle field. Some of the fronts are looking nicer than others. Some I want to approach more than others. Basically I'm dealing in a way I hate having to act: pretending/acting like nothing is wrong/troublesome/perturbing because otherwise everything would fall apart.

OKay, that's all. I was vague, brief, and almost enti…


I know it's been awhile. Life is crazy with Lorien living here, school really getting into the swing of things, and oh yes, my communicable disease. I've been sick basically since I got back to Maryland. I hate being sick. I have to sleep a bunch, take medicine ...

So, it went beyond NyQuil solution three days ago. My right eye turned a fabulous shade of scarlet. Then, I quite ridiculously cried during Grey's Anatomy and wiped my eyes. Friday morning my left eye had a slow progression of redness. The doctor could finally see me on Friday (now that I had spread the yuckiness) and told me I had managed to get pink eye in both eyes. Stellar. Luckily, I hadn't gotten it from anything, but as a progression of the illness I had recently had.

A bunch of eye drops later the swelling has gone down on the right (it never got too bad on the left) and I don't look like I just got stoned. I have to wash my hands every ten minutes since I can't remember to leave …

God's Talking

I was having trouble figuring out whether or not I was getting God's messages right. Sometimes I feel like I hear an answer to a question in my head, but I don't know if it is my voice, God's voice, or heaven-forbid some awful thing's voice, in my head. (Don't worry, I'm not "hearing voices," it's all just thinking.)

Then I realized that, at least sometimes, I was following God's voice correctly. Case in point: I was hanging out with a friend about two years ago and the friendship, for one reason or another, was rapidly dissipating. I kept hearing this call to maintain the friendship, to keep this person in my life. I could tell it was going to be important. (Though the importance was certainly misinterpreted.)

This past week, I made the connection to WHY that person was important. They were supposed to be there as a link to other people who are very important in my life now. Without my friend from then, I'd be short friends now. A…

(Not) Seductive

This was a random link from Adrienne, which I definitely found amusing. Something about this seems like me and expectedly not seductive. I am, apparently, not slated for the flirtatious conniving necessary to seduce anyone. I'm not going to lie, it doesn't really upset me that this is my description ... I wasn't really counting on this skill. However, I am interested in how the rest of you fare. Indulge me and take the quiz ... Let me know if it is accurate for you too.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. I don't really think I am basket of kittens cute. I'm fairly certain I am too abrasive for that. However, in terms of seduction scenarios, it may, in fact, be a good comparison (opposition or comments are welcome as usual).

Four Quick Things

... before the NyQuil kicks in.

1. Living with my sister, though it is a temporary situation, is pretty awesome. So far, there has been (knock on wood) basically no problems whatsoever. I am really glad to be getting to spend so much quality time with her - though better circumstances would be welcome.

2. I'm incredibly nervous for someone who stands up in front of crowds like it's nothing. I don't think I have been this nervous since I had to cantor the psalm at church (I am not really a soloist, so it's scary for me and the congregation).

3. I am really excited about school starting on Tuesday. I love school. I can't wait to start my new classes and learn all about stuff I'm sure I haven't encountered before!

4. I love, love, love my friends. I adore how they appreciate me for who I am, and don't judge me (at least not overtly). Going out is actually fun when you don't have to worry about trying to be who other people want you to be. Thank you…

National Champs

The Florida Gators are the National Champions of College Football. It is a wonderful thing. The SEC has once again proved that it is the conference to be reckoned with. Not to mention the party people in the apartment were a blast.

To all those who came: thank you! Football is much more fun when there are other people there to enjoy the game with. Especially when the SEC was stomping the Big Ten so hard conversation had time to really develop.

Two short posts in a row. Wow. Love always, ~Heather


You know how when you wear a skirt and twirl around how it sort of spins out around you? I love that. Since I was old enough to twirl I loved it. The swirly feeling I'm having right now isn't as fun, sadly.

My emotions are whiplashed from the spinning. I'm happy about things most of the time, but sometimes it is just ... difficult. I want someone to catch me. But it looks like I am going to be laying on my back, looking up at a spinning ceiling for awhile instead.

But here's to skirts that billow out when you twirl: if nothing else makes you smile, they certainly will. Love always, ~Heather

Picture Update

All the photos you never got to see because I was a lazy bum about uploading over break ...

This is the family dog Shadow. He's in "his room" (i.e. laundry room) guarding both sets of water and food dishes.

Rohan, Lorien's husky, was not particularly fond of others in his kennel.

Dad, opening his anniversary present three months late. (And hiding out behind the tissue paper.)

The look after four hours of hard (and hot, I imagine) labor by my sister. Straight hair is certainly a different look for me!

The seven seafood traditional italian Christmas Eve dinner.

Lorien and the oven glove and elf shirt.

Travis and his trusty text messaging device.

Mom digging into the pasta with lobster sauce (super delicious!).

Our whoppingly "Rockin'" New Year's Eve at the house in NC. We took one sip each of some really terrible champagne and then went to bet. Oh yeah, we're party animals.

In other news ...
We went out to the Rock It Grill in Alexandria on Friday night…

Significant Loser

I mean no offense to anyone reading this, unless of course you are:

a.) Specifically mentioned
b.) Have done one of these things

If "a" applies to you, well, at least you were noteworthy. If "b" applies to you, please (anonymously) give the world some sort of explanation via the comments section.

I should say that for once, I am not being prompted by personal experience. Someone exceptionally dear to me has been cheated on in the past, and is quite possibly going to have to deal with the same situation again. This angers me beyond belief. Moreover, an equally close person is being tortured by an "on-again, off-again" scenario seen previously only in soap operas. I have no words for my emotions about this. And I saw The Holiday today. It was good, and definitely covered some of these issues.

**Disclaimer: I know this is not a one-sided thing and that people of both genders do this to each other all the time. I will do my best to equally represent both s…