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I believe that God answers every prayer, even if it is not the response we want. This policy does not appear to apply to email.

I have sent out a bunch of emails in the past few weeks that people have not responded to. Now I know I have a bad tendency to take a week or more in responding IF I am doing something big, like say, moving. Otherwise, I am efficient - five day turn around? maybe six? If this is a lie, I'm sorry and please tell me.

Jason was kind enough to forgive my un-returned (though promised) phone call and even emailed me. Thank you.

I could name drop the four people who haven't responded to phone or email contacts and humiliate them, so instead I will do this. Write back and all will be forgiven. Especially if I stayed up an extra two hours late to make you some graphs about surveys that took forever to input. Or, if it is your birthday this week and I wanted to hang out with you to celebrate. Or if you are a family member or friend who just has been too busy.

[Amended: three to go, and have a happy birthday! Don't work too hard!]

Tonight another "unanswered" happened. I was in class and had a fabulous argument to make and was asked to table it until later in the class when it would be more relevant and then we never got to it. This was kind of bummy because I really had an excellent point and I wanted to share it. Plus, we got out 20 minutes early so it wasn't like we didn't hav time for it. My minority opinion gets shelved again. Ugh.


Today was a good day. Class this morning went well and this evening wasn't half bad either. I caught all four buses that comprise my commute with minimal wait time, prepared a presentation on the bleachers by the baseball field and managed a paper in the hour I had before dinner. Tonight I am going to get a few pages in before bed and it can be considered productive. Oh, and my paper for writing was used as an example in class. Hoorah.

No other news, so in the interest of brevity, I'm off. Hope you are having a fantastic day. And please, send someone (not me, unless you are one of those people above) a return email today. You hate waiting, you know you do. So send back some love. Whoever it is deserves it. Love always, ~Heather