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Tonight was not a good night for the Gamecocks. In fact, it was pretty awful after halftime. If you want highlights look elsewhere, because I am not up for that.

The night was not a bust though. I got to hang out with Napoleon, Gashwin, and Tom; all USC alums. It was so much better to suffer this defeat with them here. They were perfect first unrelated guests. There was screaming, yelling, jumping up, and certainly some cursing. That was just at the television though. The banter was a little witty combined with funny. It was great to listen to the guys argue about things that were, in my opinion, inconsequential. But it was all in good fun. I felt at home not just because I was actually in my apartment but because I was surrounded by people who came to see me there. It was the first time I ever felt ownership over my space.

And what a cool space we have. The apartment looks nice. In honor of the guys and Dad coming tomorrow I cleaned the entire place (Dana superbly managed the bathroom and helped with the kitchen). The path to the door is cleaned off again (thanks Hurricane Ernesto), the dead plants and weeds have been cleared from most of the "garden" in the back (thanks neighbor), I dumped out the mosquito-inviting buckets full of kindling and rainwater and bagged the stuff from the wheelbarrow. I even washed it off afterwards. Let us say that gardening replaced my workout for the day.

I managed to sneak in working on an assignment for PC Writing and the AP Style Quiz online. This leaves me some room to read another chapter of a library book I checked out yesterday, Forty Years of High Risk Television: Presidential Debates. The opening chapter was good - but something I already knew about. I'm hoping the other chapters will be equally intriguing and teach me some new things. Tomorrow morning we are going to try a different mass at the church near us. Then it is fun times with Dad and my acapella audition. I still haven't chosen my piece. I guess I'll get to that.

Okay, there are dishes to be done and dreams to be dreamt so this little girl is going right off to bed. Better luck next week Gamecock fans. Love always, ~Heather