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Musings during the Alamo Bowl

Party planning is easier when you have a more solid number of RSVPs - though I am thrilled with the responses so far. The commentators of the Alamo Bowl game (go Cats!) obviously pre-gamed at River Walk ... and it seems to be wearing off here in the 4th quarter Families that lose children of any age are incredibly strong. Please pray for their continued strength Friends who can buy you shoes from many states away deserve massive kudos. Je souhaite mes amis francais une Bonne Annee! Not having to wear a jacket in late December is an interesting weather phenomena Wednesday is going to rock. my. socks off. Distant friends who make an effort to be in touch are some of the best friends I'll ever have I hope that the Jets are supposed to be my football disappointment of the week. Really, please let there only be one this week. 6'3" is debatably tall. 184 out of 185 is really good number 99 (Wolfert). That's a lot of kicks. I'm sorry about all the pressure though, tha

ABC Meme

I almost never do these both because I am rarely tagged and because I'm lame at remembering to do them even if I love the format. But I saw this survey form filled out on Facebook by my cousin. It struck me as funny that two people who barely see each other and rarely speak can have so much in common (though blood may have something to do with it). I've been struggling with myself lately (actually, my whole life, but who doesn't) and as odd as it sounds it was nice to see my cousin, who is about 4.5 years younger than me, has similar concerns and favorite things. I pray he doesn't have to keep the concerns for as long as I have and that we can grow closer even as we get older. Hugs and kisses bud, this meme is for you! [Bold responses are exact word responses from my cousin - though many of our sentiments on the others appear to be the same.] A - Available: Pretty much whenever you need me (though would prefer to see you when you want to see me too!) - Age: is j

Countdowns Continued

First - bonne anniversaire de le (pas toujours) petit Martinus, qui j'adore. Il a quatre ans ce weekend passe et je suis tres heureuse pour le petit homme. CeJay - Book Club - Fayetteville - CG - Clemson Sucks - SF3 - TH7 - ME8 - BP13 - New Years - Inaugural Ball! So here's a little reveal on the countdowns (since I was told that probably no one would have the time or inclination to figure that out - which I don't understand, because I love "solving" mysteries). I have some really serious details to work out for the next couple of days in terms of the upcoming events, but they are all pretty exciting. I'm going to try to get up the long lost pictures on Facebook tonight and then I'll do a bit of photoblogging before my next countdown item. Just loved this quote from my scroll today: "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten." ~ B. F. Skinner This reminds me of Skinner, which reminds me of the X-Files, which