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Still Catholic

I recently reported a temperature drop (Finally Fall), which anyone in DC would be hard pressed to deny. After reviewing the website for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I contributed this to the "Talk Like a Pirate Day" commentary.

"I would like to present data that the temperature in Washington, DC dropped considerably on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. I feel that the correlation between the 10 degree temperature drop and the incredible amount of pirate activity [the preceding day] did not just cause a momentary dip, but is actually still effecting the climate. Perhaps increased pirate activity will be able to counteract global warming!"

Now don't worry, I'm still Catholic. But, if they are going to teach intelligent design in schools, this is just as valid. To me, teaching ID is the equivalent of banning books. Then again, it is the same people doing it. Censorship in education is still censorship. Protection and pushing your agenda shouldn't be one-in-the-same.

Maybe I am just thinking like this because I've spent another two hours reading articles about global warming and hurricanes. I cannot believe some people's ignorance. Paraphrase: Global warming is only occurring because weather stations have been moved to airports or cities where there is more pavement that captures the heat, giving the impression it is unseasonably warm.

Now, I have always wondered why they gave you the weather at the airport when no one actually lives there; but I think claiming that global warming is a myth based on station locations is pushing it. Especially since the temperature measurements are based on the mean ocean temperature. If you don't know what you are talking about, please stop.

You should be more concerned about nuclear power plants in your area. This is based on another hour+ of research I'm doing on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. I like that though, because I am in control of what I read and then use in my article. Writing class is so challenging - I love it.

I'm going to miss a session held by local police tomorrow on the trafficking of women in the DC area. I must say that since the issue was brought to my attention I have been reluctant to let it go. I think that issue alone may turn me into an outright feminist. Women and girls are not your slaves or a product for trade. I shouldn't have to say that. I know I am preaching to the choir, but for all of our singing, what are we doing about it? I am currently doing nothing. I really need to get on that.

So I am missing the session so I can meet with a professor. The one who has been the bane of my graduate academic experience thus far. I asked him to please set aside a good amount of time for our conversation tomorrow so we can maybe get things straightened out. Maybe I just need to understand him and his methods better so I can appreciate his teaching style. Regardless, I find myself being overwhelmed not by difficulty but frustration and over-work. (Over-work is NOT in reference to my actual employment, because I have been slacking something horrible. I am not a good "work from home" employee.) We can remedy this. I know it.

Wendy Melillo, a journalist who is currently employed by Adweek came and spoke to our class today about how to interact with journalists. This is the exact thing I needed - real advice from someone who does this everyday. Plus, she was a great speaker and realy enthusiastic.

After class I totally botched my first paid photoshoot. I have to re-shoot next Thursday. The batteries in my camera ran out, the back-ups I brought wouldn't work, and the portrait function on my camera did everything it was supposed to - but the shutter speed wasn't as fast as usual and lots of the edges were blurry in the most blown-up images. I hope this guy forgives me. I definitely will not be accepting the total sum he offered, because my work isn't worth it. I'll do better next week. Please God, let me do better next week.

A special thanks to Dana for putting up with me. In true Heather fashion, I exhibited my least pleasant side this morning (if you have never witnessed this first hand, I wish you the best of chances to avoid it at all costs). I hope it is finally out of my system.

No review of Grey's Anatomy, because I haven't watched it yet (sarcastic "yay! work related reading!"). I did take a cupcake break and watch the "Complications of the Heart" segment they showed before the premiere (I love TiVo letting me buzz the commercials so I can get back to work).

Two quotes I really enjoyed this week:

"Nothing has greater power to alter our perspective of ourselves and our place in the cosmos than these images of Earth we collect from faraway places like Saturn," said Carolyn Porco, Cassini imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.
~In reference to the shots of Earth from 930 million miles away, CNN article
(Oh, and check out the NASA picture from yesterday)

Tuesday, Sep. 12, 2006

This is a lot harder than it was in the water.

while hooking up a power cable in space, he referred to the swimming pool where he and his fellow astronauts from the Atlantis practice. The space shuttle will return to earth on September 20th.

It landed safely today. Good work pilot and crew.

I have to take the garbage out because I am not Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout. Goodnight. Love always, ~Heather