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Fait la Cuisine!

Ce soir, apres je suis rentree de mon job, j'ai passe quelques minutes avant le television (ooo Friends est trop drole). Mes parents me suis interompee par telephone. On a discuter un peu. Vers 7h30, mon corps me parlait, "Nourisez moi!"

J'ai commence avec les dumplings. Je ne sais pas si il y a un mot pour dumplings en francais mais ils sont les gros noisettes de quelquechose (poir moi, les epinards et ricotta (fromage) mes les americains en general aiment le poulet) avec un peu de farine et levure de chimique. Si quelq'un veule la recette, je peux te la ecrit.

La sauce etait les tomates avec l'ail et les champignons. Mais, avec le poulet c'est une creme blanche.

Pendant les noisettes refroidaient, j'ai fait un gateau d'amour. Franchement, j'ai jamais ecouter d'un gateau d'amour, mais mon gateau prefere est citron glace avec creme de citron. Le gateau d'amour est normal avec le zest de citron (et citron vert, mais on ne les a …

48+ hours

I am pondering tonight how it is possible that my 48 hours of freedom have disappeared in what feels like much less. But, when you add up all the time spent, it does seem to explain the mystery.

Work until late, so much so that sister and Dana arrive just after I get home (though I had left considerable time in there for volunteer obligations, cleaning the house and such).

Zucchini and tomatoes with egg noodles.

Five garbage bags of clothing for Goodwill. Amazingly, my closet is still pretty full.
*Most of the credit for this goes to Dana, who was relentless (in a good way) at making me get rid of stuff that was much older than is respectable for someone my age. This included one of my favorite sweaters, which was a sweater dress for me back in the early 90's and has become a giant comfy sweater now. Partly because I was pretty tall for my age then and partly because 15+ years will really stretch out your knits.

Hair-doing and sing along. Phone call from parents who were ju…