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This is the only post I am going to make today - because apparently one of my loyal readers has found that reading my posts everyday can be a little much. I agree that I write alot. I just figure this gives you so much more of me to love. Hehehe ... (evil little laugh).

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. Then I woke up tired because I hadn't slept enough. So I woke up, watched 20 minutes of TV and had cereal, did some homework, folded laundry, read some more, and then I took a nap. Ah the joys of napping. It was only an hour - but it was well deserved.

This afternoon I tackled the rest of the reading I had to do from last weeks assignments. I looked up some research from PEW (polling) and checked email. Then I made dinner. This was very cool. I made chicken vegetable casserole. Opposed to the advice of my sister, I did not use a recipe. This was mostly because I had no cream-of-anything soup, so I made the cream sauce myself (merci Alice pour tous que tu es m'enseigne) and then added the leftover green beans and Jersey corn. I also was concerned about making the topping out of flour, so I used the Bisquick box recipe for the top layer of chicken pot pie - basically biscuit mix poured on top. Except I jazzed it up with spices. Yum yum.

See, now I am sure you didn't really care about all that. Here is some other stuff you might find uninteresting...

Dana and I had a bunch of girl talks today. I think three. This is a new record for us. I have decided that living vicariously through the love-lives of friends leaves me alot of room to not actually feel bad. Which is stunningly fabulous - not feeling bad. I imagine there is a downside, but I prefer not to dwell on it.

There is an acapella group at school having auditions this weekend. I'll be choosing an audition piece sometime in the next day or so ... it will definitely be in alto range. I am debating whether or not to do something showtune-y or to do a more jazz choir thing. So far I am hovering on the opening to Under the Boardwalk which I sang a million times acapella in high school. I know I probably won't have a ton of time to do recreational activities, but if there is only one rehearsal a week, or even two shorter ones, it'll be something nice that isn't reading to do.

If I don't get that (based on my inability to sing solos - basically every audition procedure) intramural volleyball starts in October. I am going to just wander from volleyball open gym to volleyball open gym when time permits, because I need physical activity, but I don't want to have to schedule another thing into my life right now.

My teacher tonight ... I love her. She really rocks and she knows her stuff. I am glad to be learning from her. This is a drastic change from last night. But, I can get engaged in all of my classes, which is really good. Some of the other students are obviously not into the "engaged part" because they sigh everytime one of us interested people ask a question. I figure, if you are upset about the class getting out 20 minutes early instead of 50 minutes early, don't take a class that is supposed to end at 10:40. That isn't practical. And the rest of us would like to learn, thank you very much.

I wore pink tonight (highly unusual) in an effort to "soften my image." I decided that since I don't really have any friends yet,I should try to do something that will imply openness. I am already diving into this communication thing: find the problem (coming off too independent), adjust for the problem to achieve the desired goal - without losing the truth of the matter (wearing a pastel color to make myself appear more approachable). I was only slightly successful, but the difference was good. Hopefully I won't have to wear pink everyday to make that happen.

Going to bed soon. Hugs and kisses, ~Heather

P.S. Was that short enough for you? Probably not. Interesting, also maybe not. I tricked you into reading about my benign life again Marco. Haha (evil laugh). Thanks for calling today, you always make me feel better. ~HB


Marco said…
what a trap!!! :)

but did you change your feed settings?
Marco said…
btw: you don't live in Fayetteville anymore... hence my comment about your phone number yesterday ;)