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Reasons why today has quite possibly been the cruddiest day since I have moved here:

It rained.

My teacher made me feel stupid, obselete, juvenile, and uninformed.

He also made me spend $1.50 on parking to talk to me for ten minutes - which were obviously not well spent.

I did not get into the group I auditioned for. This was not actually upsetting so much as the idea that it has been something like 4 years since I auditioned and got something and 7 years since I competitively auditioned and got something.

Financial aid managed to screw me over to the tune of close to $1400. But "don't worry" because I can apply for loans to cover rent, food, and tuition for the summer in the spring.

The strawberries went moldy and one of the bananas is so bad it started dripping sticky juice which is now all over the top of the microwave.

Good things about today:

I got to hang out with Dad for a little while.

I got to meander around in Borders and finally picked up a book I have been looking for for weeks.

The couch was actually pretty comfortable to sleep on.

Talking to Garrison on the phone.

Two days in a row that a boy being inconsiderate hasn't made me sad.

Leftovers from the eggplant Mom made.

My reading assignments are only going to take about an hour.

Random things:

In the shower this morning I figured out that Lancelot from the King Arthur books is named as such because of his sword, which he uses well. His lance. Yes, it is sad it took me this long to figure that out.

My right leg is shorter than my left leg. Or, my right pant leg is longer than the left one. Or my right hip does not hold my jeans up the same as its counterpart. Maybe it is some sort of combination. But, however it works out, the right one kept dragging on the ground all day.

Abbreviations exist mostly because Western Union charged by the letter on telegraphs back in the day and editors didn't want to be charged for the extra letters when stories were being sent in from other places. Also, a telegraph operator would shorten your message for you if you couldn't afford to send it as it was. Alas, abbreviations.


Sorry for the randomness. Writing is my kind of therapy and I was feeling so lazy I couldn't even go get my journal to do it in, but the computer was at my feet. I swear I want to be happy. I do. Things just aren't working out yet. Yet is the operative term. I have to go and do my homework. Unlikely, but maybe that will cheer me up.

Love always, ~Heather

Adam came over for dinner. This is a guy who I did not get along with at all in college, but we decided to spend some time together and be civil and see what happened. It went really well and we are going to go out and get thai food sometime soon. Bill also had dinner with us. Then his friend Henry popped by for brownies. Adam, good law student that he is, headed home to do homework. Dana insisted I come along to cosmic bowling to counteract the bad day I had been having. It worked. I was much more relaxed after dinner.

My goal was to break 75. First game: 82. Second Game: 123. Third Game: 77. I think I had five strikes and three spares. Plus I had a great time. I also managed to bowl at least three of the balls over 15 mph. I like that I can get that much speed on it. Thank you volleyball.

Tonight I tried to read again, but couldn't. So I watched a PBS special called, The Merchants of Cool. It was pretty interesting. It was a 53 minute segment on how marketting to teens works, changes culture, and effects young people. I think it was made in the late 90's or near 2000, because many of the trends they cite are now gone. But it is worth a look if you have teenagers or are interested in marketting or entertainment PR. I am going to bed now so I can get up at a good hour and work out my homework before I have to leave for class after lunch. I figure I can read thirty some odd pages and write a one page description of an article in that time.

I guess it is twice this week I thought I was having a bad day. Today, while making dinner, I thought about how in comparison to five years ago, today's bad day was nothing. So I wanted to take this moment to say how much I love America. How much I adore my freedoms and safety. I don't think anyone on the planet can say they feel completely secure, but I love how even though terror has struck our country we are able to rebound, rebuild, and really live our lives. I got to live my life today because of God and the soldiers who have given their lives for the American cause throughout history.

So what if I had a bad day. I got to live. And how great is that? Love always, ~Heather