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Reading day

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense."
Gertrude Stein

I think this happened to me today. I got up and got ready for church. I read the Washington Post (Section A). I came home from church and got another two sections of the paper read. Then I started in on my packet reading. This was followed by a nap. Two more hours of reading in my PC Writing textbook. This book is a great relief to me as it explains the outlines of the business, which is something I've never really encountered before. More than that, it is the easiest reading textbook I think I have ever had.

I called home, finished the Business section, had dinner, started reading for Theory, got some online articles finished, wrote my assignment bio for Tuesday, picked up the textbook again and then just crashed. I have watched a good amount of random television, checked up on some other internet articles, and then scanned email.

My friend Malise is in the Peace Corps. She told a fascinating story about her life in Moldova that made me cry. I am so proud of her. (I'm going to get permission to reprint her post before telling you more about it.) Please keep her and the efforts of the Peace Corps everywhere in your prayers tonight.

Anyway, you probably have alot of other reading to do. Have fun with that. My brain is stuffed. Tomorrow is finish up day ... I love reading! (no sarcasm) Love always, ~Heather