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West Wing Wednesday?

Waaaaay back in the day, Wednesday evenings were dedicated to West Wing. I loved it. I mean, I absolutely still love it. Unconciously today, while searching for surveys on NASA to analyze for class, I ran across a survey for PBS. This made me think about doing something on television. So I looked up and saw the stack of six seasons of West Wing on my DVD shelf and thought, "What the heck?"

My goal was to find polls about the publics opinion of doing a political drama before the show was aired. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of those either. I did find random polls done last year though. So I wrote a paper on two Zogby International polls in coordination with a Washington Post article. The main idea: West Wing followed quasi-reliable poll data that could have contributed to the ultimate demise of the series. I personally think losing Aaron Sorkin was a big part of that back in season 4. Anyway, if you are interested in it, I will try to learn how to do that jump thing (Gaurav, help!). In case I don't and you really want to read my paper (only 3 pages double spaced), let me know and I'll email it to you.

Speaking of Aaron Sorkin, I am going to try to watch his upcoming show. I loved Sports Night and The American President, both of which he wrote. I am wondering if Bradley Whitford is going to be able to actually put in a performance though. I hope so, for the sake of the show.

Also in television news, one of my favorite characters was eliminated from Project Runway tonight. He really didn't follow the instructions, so it was practical he got kicked off. I still dislike one guy though (names not here for fear of spoiling it), and hope he's next. And someone got robbed tonight in terms of winning. Just a thought.

Reading is my life, so I must get to it. I need to finish a bunch tonight and tomorrow morning so I can work on what I will call scan-coding about 300 articles for my assistantship. Guess what coding consists of? Scanning for content. More simply, reading. Speed reading yes, but reading and data entry. I swear to you, reading is slowly infiltrating every inch of my life. Good thing I like it.

Oooo, and before I go, happy news. In my classes yesterday and tonight I think I am slowly forming friendships with some of my classmates. And next Wednesday we are having class at the CBS studio downtown for a more hands-on approach. I can't wait. Have a wonderful Wednesday evening and I'll hopefully see you tomorrow! Love always, ~Heather