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Tonight the Gamecocks were five yards away from taking a game from the number 2 team in the country. I don't care who you are, you have to be excited about that. Our defense stood up and held back for the entirety of the 3rd quarter. Our team deserves kudos all the way around.

It worked out okay that nobody wanted to come over for the game, because there was a storm and the satellite was pretty fuzzy for most of the first half. The second half was incredible and thank goodness the storm went away. Plus, Dana thought I was going crazy and actually asked me to calm down. Maybe it was a good thing some of my new friends weren't going to see me like this. I don't know if my older friends already have - I was pretty riled up - so, in general, it was a great way to spend the night.

I wrote a paper this morning, went to class, and firmly established another friendship. I made homemade french fries for dinner (total craving) with honey teriaki chicken and salad. Yum yum. Tomorrow I am going to return my books to the library, deposit my stipend into my bank account, read a bit for school, and if it turns out that I really don't need tickets, then I might try to catch one of the talks at Georgetown Law tomorrow.

I have been going to a few cool talks at the Washington College of Law and am hoping to hear a little more about the Supreme Court. The last session I went to at the WCL was about the upcoming environmental cases. The speaker was Chief Justice John Roberts' roommate at Harvard! That isn't what he talked about, but I figured you might like an interesting factoid.

I am excited about having a pretty open weekend to catch up on reading and get a headstart on a project. The National Book Festival is this weekend too ... I'm still recruiting if anyone else is interested. Since "the secret of all persuasion is to induce the person to persuade himself," [herself] I leave you with this:

Imagine yourself in a quiet place. A comfy chair. Bright yet soft lights. Stacks of youth literature on one side and adult fiction on the other. Don't you just love reading?

Then you should come to the book fair. Don't let me persuade you. Persuade yourself.

Talk to you later, ~Heather

P.S. Really liking the QOD, since I just traced a communications campaign backwards so I would understand how to put one together!
"Life must be understood backwards; but... it must be lived forward."
Soren Kierkegaard


Napoleon said…
Trust me, during that game you were allowed to be excited and act crazy.