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Return of the Rat

The random rat is back. I think he is drunk - guy can't walk in a straight line at all. At least we were inside when we spotted him this time.

I resumed classes today. Not much better, but I certainly held my own in Theory. The veela thing has worn off entirely now. So has some of the professor's nervousness. There was significantly less pacing tonight, which was good.

I met with the guy I'll be working for to talk about the project. Seems like the most basic work a girl could ask for - looking through a database that has a search page and then typing the number of articles into a spreadsheet. It isn't the greatest challenge of my life really, but I am relieved I won't have to read it all. I don't think that my supervisor really understands me. He is a social "scientist." I feel like these liberal artsy people use that term way too liberally. I tried to explain the differences I saw between his "experiements" and the scientific research I had done. He rambled on a bit about how he could give me some books to read on understanding social science research (which I am already learning in all my classes, including his .. so, no, thanks). I asked about his background in science and he doesn't have one - though he says he has studied the philosophy of science. This is not really a substitute to me.

I am sure he didn't find me very amusing and he didn't seem to grasp any of the points I was making about his article either. I feel like people who write about science should have to understand it first. His article is all about journalists who don't report science properly - focusing too often on disputes and people instead of issues. I feel like if you took one step outside the two scientific/policy issues he likes he wouldn't be able to tell you a thing. And I don't think he wants my particular talent in understanding it anywhere near his communication research. I wanted it to be a learning opportunity and a job. I think it will just be a job. Bummer, yes. Do I think I'll be learning TONS in my classes anyway? Absolutely.

I wrote back to the new girl who will be an assistant at Chanzy next year tonight. I tried to curb in some of my overwhelming urge to share everything with her. I loved working there and being in France ... it was cool to be able to share it with someone just starting out. But, part of the wonder was knowing I could do it, and do it myself. Of course I'll answer all her questions though, because I wish someone had been able to answer some of my questions.

Tomorrow brings more reading and my favorite class (so far). Two more of my books came in the mail today which was fabulous. I had a sourdough and cheddar grilled cheese sandwich for lunch that was stupendous. I felt so guilty about watching House tonight (TiVo-ed for after class convenience) that I read a chapter afterwards even though I said I was taking tonight off. I guess it means my nerdy self is taking over again. I love it. School is pretty good. Life is good. And I am ... happy. Goodnight.

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - The "lead me not into temptation" thing finally made sense to me yesterday. Isn't it strange how a prayer I've said a thousand or more times didn't make excellent sense to me until I really needed it to? Temptation is so tempting though. I hope thinking about tempting things, even if you know you'll avoid them isn't too bad. Maybe the game Saturday will be a distraction!