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The Bare Necessities

So, this morning started like all normal mornings in residence at a school, with no hot water. This was particularly bummy, because yesterday, there was no water above 40°Fahrenheit in the shower. Today, I took the plunge however, because you can't not shower two days in a row! Besides that, it has taken me about twenty minutes to type this, because I keep meeting new professors and talking to them. So far I have met two history/geography professors a physics and a chemistry professor, a spanish teacher, and five english teachers. Everyone is very very nice.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I put money on my meal card, visited the bank and opened an account, bought an alarm clock with a radio (they play one song and then talk for ten minutes!), ate lunch in the canteen (the food was significantly better this time) and I got to talk to a bunch of other teachers. Next week I have to do some observing of english classes, and I will also get to sit in in on a chemistry class - w…

First Entry

I thought it was about time to get this thing started. Unfortunately, as soon as I clicked on the link to get started, it put everything in french; so, here's hoping it works! I am going to run now .... dinner is in 20 minutes, and I have to go back to my room first. But, I will try to type up my journal entries from the past few days and get them on here as soon as possible. Love to all, ~Heather