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Sometimes I just can't think of a good title. Today was one of those times. So I pulled out my handy-dandy Websters and stuck my finger on a page. I got "insulate." I wasn't impressed. I wasn't to be overcome, so I scanned down three words.

Today, I was crowned queen of the apartment. However, the queen two days ago was Dana. [Insert picture here]

Today was an interesting and busy day. Up on time, I read the business section from Sunday (yes, it takes me all week to get through the 15+ section of the Washington Post). I decided I need to start saving for my retirement with my first job. If I save for even 6 years (assuming a 10% return) I'll have more money for retirement than someone who saved for fifteen years starting ten years from now. Mind you, I don't plan on retiring soon. I have a good amount of student loans to pay off first - and if I could just get rid of my credit card altogether, I would. Ah, finances. You should think about it too.

I went to school early because I wanted to listen to a talk a professor was giving. I was the only student who showed up, so it was cancelled. Instead, I talked to the advisor in the grad school about the leadership council. I think we have some good ideas cooked up. A chat with Erin later, and I was in Writing.

It went ... well. I was hoping to get a little more out of it than I did, but I am prepared to write my first official press release this week. It is still about that nuclear plant. Good thing I know alot about it.

[Tangent about getting to school early: I definitely had to walk a mile to Sibley Hospital because my bus came early and drove past me as I was 2 minutes early and 100 yards from the stop. Stupid bus. But it was a gorgeous day, and even the Beast isn't too daunting in fabulous weather.]

I multi-tasked making dinner with watching The Persuaders, another PBS Frontline special. I am really liking these. They introduce me to people in the industry I wouldn't otherwise have heard of, while further explicating (explaining, I just wanted to use that word) subjects I am already learning in my texts and in class. Then I quickly wrote a two page paper (45 minutes, go me) and actually ate. I ran out the door to go to another special talk.

The Chesapeke Club was explaining, supposedly through film, their message about saving the bay to save the crabs, then eat the crabs. I think this is a great way to target your audience. I think presenting it in Power Point and having the speaker - though well versed and intelligent - say he doesn't like Power Point at the beginning probably wasn't the best bet. And we have to work on the pacing. Does everyone have to pace to give an oral presentation. Stand still. Walking around doesn't make you sound, look, or actually BE any smarter. Play with the cards you have. So I left that early.

I had a good bonding moment with the guy in charge of the computer lab, and even though there were no computers left in there, he let me use his to print my articles for class. Nothing like malfunctioning office equipment will bring two kids who've worked in university offices together better (except an annoying boss).

I stopped by the Grad Council (university level) meeting to discover some fun new facts. Ugh. More information on that when I actually clarify it.

Theory class tonight was the absoute best it has ever been. I was engaged, I got tons out of it, and I felt like my professor had discovered his missing personality. It is amazing how much better class is when the professor is actually psyched about the material. Now all he has to do is try to actively engage others to get as excited about it as he is and that'll be that!

Okay, it is late now, and I have two long papers to write tomorrow and at least four hours of reading (happy to be doing it, strange huh?). But, Thursday is a Gamecock game for those interested in hitting up some evening football action. Saturday is the National Book Festival, for those of you interested in getting your recreational-read on. Sunday I am FOR REAL going to try another church in the area and see if there is a more inviting community. And the rest of my time between now and then will be spent with my studies and enjoying the absolutely wonderful fall weather. I'm loving autumn in the city.

Hugs all around! ~Heather

P.S. - Feel free to join me for any or all of the above listed events. I love company!