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Pretty in Pink

En francais desous

I wrote two papers today. I finished my homework and went to two classes. I have determined that a good number of my classmates never actually left middle school. On this point, I should mention that teasing people is rude, even if they can't hear you. And huffing everytime they ask a question is almost as bad.

But there were some great things. Writing was fun. I got to rewrite a paper and had to shorten it by more than 50% of the words. I love that kind of challenge. If I was better at mechanics and grammar I think I would consider being an editor.

In my other class, I learned that people are sheep. We think the same, move the same, act the same, and otherwise have no distinguishing features. I don't believe a word of that. When sharing this idea with the class I was rebuked not by the annoying classmates but my professor as well. Proof that he really is an animal; and I mean a beast of burden.

I got to borrow a video from one of my professors too. It is a documentary film by Alexandra Pelosi (the NBC exec and daughter of minority House leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.). It is called Journeys with George and followed the Bush campaign through the 2000 primaries and to the general election (I presume that is where it ends, hence why I borrowed it to finish it). I like these kind of insider looks at a campaign - it feels like foreshadowing (I hope).

On a much more personal note, I wore pink today. I don't know why really, except that skirt is super comfortable and I'd already shaved my legs. But because at least one of you wanted proof of "pink," there it is. I also discovered an interesting truth about myself (not related to pastel). I think I have one of those weird obsessions with something I don't actually need but think I want because I am driven to belong. I guess I just keep hoping that someday I won't be the odd (wo)man out.

Special note: I worked my whole schedule today and am going to bed in time to successfully do it tomorrow too. And I have interviews set-up with the campaign people in San Diego. And Dana made some really good Shepherd's Pie. I think it is as good as Andrew K.'s (CMC potluck specialty).

Pour Hugues et les autres francais:

Tout va bien. Je n'aime pas de tout un prof, parce qu'il n'est pas tres bien comme prof ni comme boss. Alors, c'est la vie. Tous les autres sont super. Demain soir, ma classe est au studio de CBS. Ca c'est presque le meme chose do TF1 ou France2. La, on va ecouter des gens qui faire les infos et statistiques et faire production aussi. C'est cool. Je ne veux pas travailler pour le television, mais c'est unique une classe la-bas.

Pour la plupart je travaille, je fait mes etudes, je lis, et de temps en temps, regarde le television ou un film. Et, l'equipe de football americain qui j'adore a gagne ce weekend. C'etait bien passe - on a regarde le jeu avec quelques amis de ma colac, Dana, et Jeff, un ami de moi depuis mon universite en Caroline de sud.

Ma famille est bonne aussi. Mon pere cherche un nouveau emploi plus pres de moi ici a Washington (pas a cas de moi, seulement parce que les travails sont ici!). S'il change de travail, je sera hyper-content de passer plus de temps avec ma famille. Mon frere, ca va. Ma soeur aussi. Elle est tres occupe au moment avec ses courses au universite et ses deux emplois. Ma mere est ma mere comme normal; elle a toujours les questions pour moi!

J'attends les nouvelles de mes amis toujours en France. Joelle et sa vie ... je suis fier de toi! Les Chapoulets avec les deux petits trop mignon. Charlotte, je t'adore. Marc, est-ce que ton ordinateur est casser? Emeline, merci des penses ... je pense des elections aussi. Vraiment interessant. Et bien sur ma famille qui attend avec impatience. Alors, c'est tard. Je me couche. Vous aussi (si c'est tard). Bons reves.

Sweet dreams, love always, ~Heather