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Pedal Boats

Today was a combination work, play, and study day. Because I was up inordinately late last night we would up going to 10:30 mass at Little Flower. This turned out to be a miraculous thing.

The priest who spoke today was incredible. He had a voice like a radio announcer – the good kind that is like James Earl Jones but not as deep. His homily was incredibly focused and insightful. I got so much out of the message. This particular passage is one we studied at Taize. We learned there that Jesus tells Peter to get back because no one should contradict the path that God had laid for him. Today there was a different spin. Jesus rebuked Peter because he did not want the temptation. Although he was not affected by sin, temptation was a human condition he couldn’t avoid. So he pushed away from Peter, trying to avoid temptation.

There were many other good sections about Jesus strategically planning his message, sharing it with small groups until they truly understood. He knew what would happen if there was mass confusion over his identity or if the truth about him came out too soon. It was a homily made for a communications major.

And my heart completely opened up. I haven’t felt that way since I left Taize. It was a miraculous thing. I love God.

Back to my day … I came home and did a quick peer review and rewrite for Writing. Lunch was yummy and then I cut coupons and did little chores around the apartment. A little after two, Dana and I drove down to the Tidal Basin; it was time to play tourist.

We rented a pedal-boat ($4/person) and cycled our way around the Tidal Basin. It was part of the Potomac until 1882 and from the water there are stunning views of: the Jefferson Memorial (built on land dug out from the basin), the Washington Monument (built with stones from a Virginia quarry and standing 95 feet short of its intended height of 600 feet), and the Capitol dome (I wish I knew who the man on top was – I’ll look it up). You can also check out the Inlet Bridge and a few others. We passed Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Memorial on the far side of the basin (from the boathouse). I would recommend this little hour excursion to anyone so long as you have enough leg power to share the pedals and it isn’t too windy (drifting can be an issue).

On the way home I took an alternate route I hadn’t previously checked out on a map and I didn’t even get lost. This was an exciting moment for me because it means I am learning my way around. I liked the feeling of driving through downtown (only one honk at me) and then through NW. It feels a heck of a lot more like home.

Grocery shopping (saved $20 with savings card and $17 with coupons – yay frugal us!), “Dana’s chicken” with Rice-a-roni dinner, and 3.75 hours of coding work later; Sunday is wrapping up quite nicely. The Washington Post is sitting on the floor for my reading pleasure and I have already finished all the homework for three of my four classes this week (one class requires internet, which is not working at the moment (writing in Word)).

This is a great city to go to school in. I love DC and its opportunities and all the cool things I am going to get to see if I can keep up with my schoolwork to allow for free days like today. I hope all of your Sundays were as blessed and fun as mine was. Love always, ~Heather

Here are the pictures from my trip to the Mall with Garrison:

This one I took just for Dad. I know there is a glare, but those happy puppets are singing for you.

And these pretty little shoes are one of many pairs in museums acorss the country. I took that one for you Gar.


Gashwin said…
Tidal Basin Pedal Boats! Among my earliest memories, as a little four year old Gashwin, is going pedal boating with the fam ... now that I'm in the DC area (well, after the Grand Road Trip) ... who knows! :)