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Bienvenue au Monde!

Bienvenue au monde petit Paul! Felicitations a ma famille pour le nouveaux addition bien sur charmant, mignon, adorable ... super!

Merci pour le suprise sur mon portable! Ma tete, elle tourne toujours! Felicitations, je vous souhaite seulment les meilleurs choses! Un bon anniversaire a Paul! En fin, on n'attend pas plus!

For the English speakers:

My "family" in France had their second child today. His name is Paul and I was so excited that Hugues called me from France to tell me that I couldn't catch the numbers for height and weight (they would have been in centimeters and kilograms anyway). I am so happy for them and know that this little boy is going to be just as cute and charming as Martin! Prayers for a healthy and safe transition into the world. He'll be home on Thursday or Friday, so I should have a picture and more information then! Congratulations again! Love you, ~Heather


Zug said…
Hi Heather.

I'm so happy to give you so much emotions. thanks a lot for all you message in french! You don't loose your level!!!

Paul 4,245 KG and 53 cm, I don't how to convert this in good unities for english sopken people.