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Individual Home Study Interview

I recently got to meet with our case-worker for the next step in our home study; the individual interview.

Step 1: Write an auto-biography.
This part came a bit more naturally to me as I (obviously) have some experience writing about my life for others. It was a bit weird though because I was supposed to frame the piece around 13 questions my case-worker was particularly interested in. My tip for those going through the process: be as thorough as possible and don't worry about anyone besides your case manager seeing it. This is just a tool to help them know what to ask you.

Step 2: Try not to freak out as the date approaches.
Wildly, epic-ly failed at this. My advice: Find someone else to tell you how to not get nervous for things that have a big impact but are seriously not that big of a deal, because my husband will confirm that I suck at this. :)

Step 3: Arrive freakishly early.
Stopping for lunch included, there will potentially be absolutely NO traffic the day you finally lea…