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I made a schedule today so I would be able to get all my work done in a systematic manner. Now I find myself doing nothing because I managed to do all my work plus 1.5 hours of Strategic research. Craziness.

I like making my life into a little boxes of things to do. That way I can be spontaneous during all the times that aren't scheduled! That being said, I am looking for entertaining things to fill some of the empty spaces with. Anyone want to join me as I explore the "secret treasures" discussed in my guide book?

Things to note:
Dana and I are, unfortunately, not soulmates. She requires that her soulmate lend her floss, and I was quite selfish in reserving my special flouride floss for myself. Bummer.

That random statistic about more people being killed by vending machines than shark attacks in the United States came in handy today; I actually successfully used it in a class discussion.

Advisor is spelled with an "e" instead of an "o" in AP language.

And that is all. Have a fun night/day! Love always, ~Heather