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Tonight the Gamecocks were five yards away from taking a game from the number 2 team in the country. I don't care who you are, you have to be excited about that. Our defense stood up and held back for the entirety of the 3rd quarter. Our team deserves kudos all the way around.

It worked out okay that nobody wanted to come over for the game, because there was a storm and the satellite was pretty fuzzy for most of the first half. The second half was incredible and thank goodness the storm went away. Plus, Dana thought I was going crazy and actually asked me to calm down. Maybe it was a good thing some of my new friends weren't going to see me like this. I don't know if my older friends already have - I was pretty riled up - so, in general, it was a great way to spend the night.

I wrote a paper this morning, went to class, and firmly established another friendship. I made homemade french fries for dinner (total craving) with honey teriaki chicken and salad. Yum yum. To…


Sometimes I just can't think of a good title. Today was one of those times. So I pulled out my handy-dandy Websters and stuck my finger on a page. I got "insulate." I wasn't impressed. I wasn't to be overcome, so I scanned down three words.

Today, I was crowned queen of the apartment. However, the queen two days ago was Dana. [Insert picture here]

Today was an interesting and busy day. Up on time, I read the business section from Sunday (yes, it takes me all week to get through the 15+ section of the Washington Post). I decided I need to start saving for my retirement with my first job. If I save for even 6 years (assuming a 10% return) I'll have more money for retirement than someone who saved for fifteen years starting ten years from now. Mind you, I don't plan on retiring soon. I have a good amount of student loans to pay off first - and if I could just get rid of my credit card altogether, I would. Ah, finances. You should think about it …

Bienvenue au Monde!

Bienvenue au monde petit Paul! Felicitations a ma famille pour le nouveaux addition bien sur charmant, mignon, adorable ... super!

Merci pour le suprise sur mon portable! Ma tete, elle tourne toujours! Felicitations, je vous souhaite seulment les meilleurs choses! Un bon anniversaire a Paul! En fin, on n'attend pas plus!

For the English speakers:

My "family" in France had their second child today. His name is Paul and I was so excited that Hugues called me from France to tell me that I couldn't catch the numbers for height and weight (they would have been in centimeters and kilograms anyway). I am so happy for them and know that this little boy is going to be just as cute and charming as Martin! Prayers for a healthy and safe transition into the world. He'll be home on Thursday or Friday, so I should have a picture and more information then! Congratulations again! Love you, ~Heather

Reflection Francaise

Ce soir, j'ai passe presque tous le temps en face de l'ecran de mon ordinateur. Mes devoirs n'etaient pas trop compliques: 1.000 mots sur l'histoire d'un plante nucleaire energie en Connecticut (un etat du nord-est). Sauf que, un moitie de l'essaie j'ai decouvree que j'avais deja 1.255 mots! Oh non! (Quand est-ce que j'utilise le "e" supplementaire parce que je suis feminine? Je vais jamais arriver ...)

Alors, reste-calme. J'ai appellee mes commarades de classe. Erin a dit, "Non, c'est bon comme ca, sauf je n'ai pas utilise ca ni ca ... et j'ai ajoute ..." Oh mon ... OK. "Shawn, salut, c'est Heather. J'avais besoin de ton conseil.... oui ... mais pas ca ... oh, franchement ... d'accord ... c'est 21h26, c'est obligatoire qu'il est envoye avant 22h, merci, merci a tout a l'heure."

Un course au fin. Ma colac, un experte d'anglais m'est corrigee. Juste a l'he…

I really...

[On Friday]
...went to the Career Center and got advice on how to apply for internships at the Department of State.

...had curry for lunch with Erin and talked about framing, religion, surveys, and classes.

...went to a meeting for the School of Communication Graduate Student Leadership Council. The guy in charge is not particularly responsible and he has these very bizarre ideas about how to spend the $27,000 alotted to us. I think I am going to have to get involved just to make sure the money gets spent on the whole school (since every student has to contribute to the fund).

...met with Dr. Nisbet about all the things I wasn't getting in his class. We talked a little about work and I think we really got things worked out now. I am still slightly concerned about the human element, but I think this puts us on a better footing for work and for me really getting the most out of his class.

...learned how to read. At least the grad school way. It is called "triage." You kn…

Still Catholic

I recently reported a temperature drop (Finally Fall), which anyone in DC would be hard pressed to deny. After reviewing the website for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I contributed this to the "Talk Like a Pirate Day" commentary.

"I would like to present data that the temperature in Washington, DC dropped considerably on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. I feel that the correlation between the 10 degree temperature drop and the incredible amount of pirate activity [the preceding day] did not just cause a momentary dip, but is actually still effecting the climate. Perhaps increased pirate activity will be able to counteract global warming!"

Now don't worry, I'm still Catholic. But, if they are going to teach intelligent design in schools, this is just as valid. To me, teaching ID is the equivalent of banning books. Then again, it is the same people doing it. Censorship in education is still censorship. Protection and pushing your agenda shouldn't be …

Finally Fall

It was beautiful today! The weather was "flying- weather" (for friends who know). Perfect cool temperatures combined with clear skies and sunshine. To celebrate I cleaned the screen on my window, washed the glass inside and out and then masking-taped the screen so bugs couldn't come in around the edges. This is a celebration because now I can leave my bedroom window open as often as I like!

I spent my noon-time at the Washington College of Law, which is AU's law school. They were having a panel session about the upcoming Supreme Court oral argument season. The schedule this year has about 77 slots available and 29 cases on it already. The four professors outlined some of the cases they thought were interesting. Ever since Prof. Bockman's legal persuasion class I have LOVED studying Supreme Court cases and rulings. Because watching oral arguments is free and only one-two hours worth of your morning, I think I am going to try to stop in to some of the cases…

Pretty in Pink

En francais desous

I wrote two papers today. I finished my homework and went to two classes. I have determined that a good number of my classmates never actually left middle school. On this point, I should mention that teasing people is rude, even if they can't hear you. And huffing everytime they ask a question is almost as bad.

But there were some great things. Writing was fun. I got to rewrite a paper and had to shorten it by more than 50% of the words. I love that kind of challenge. If I was better at mechanics and grammar I think I would consider being an editor.

In my other class, I learned that people are sheep. We think the same, move the same, act the same, and otherwise have no distinguishing features. I don't believe a word of that. When sharing this idea with the class I was rebuked not by the annoying classmates but my professor as well. Proof that he really is an animal; and I mean a beast of burden.

I got to borrow a video from one of my professors too. …

Daily News

Frustration ensues over people who refuse to try new things but expect the opposite of you. News at 11.

Other Daily News bullets:

Last night I checked my bed, as I always do, for spiders. This started in the fifth grade when I watched a Discovery Channel video on black widows that should be forbidden before middle school. Since I moved here, I started checking around and behind the bed too (no reason to risk it with so many other bugs around). Last night I discovered a rather large spider of unknown species in the corner. Long story short. I killed it with spray and removed it from under my bed with a knitting needle. Interesting result: I realized that keeping my room clean and sprayed still wouldn't keep the bugs away - but at least it was helping.

My dental insurance people are pretty stupid.

Skimming an article for sections that are actually going to teach you something is fairly simple, and an effective way to save time. I still felt like I was cheating a little.

I was n…

Pedal Boats

Today was a combination work, play, and study day.Because I was up inordinately late last night we would up going to 10:30 mass at Little Flower.This turned out to be a miraculous thing.The priest who spoke today was incredible.He had a voice like a radio announcer – the good kind that is like James Earl Jones but not as deep.His homily was incredibly focused and insightful.I got so much out of the message.This particular passage is one we studied at Taize.We learned there that Jesus tells Peter to get back because no one should contradict the path that God had laid for him.Today there was a different spin.Jesus rebuked Peter because he did not want the temptation.Although he was not affected by sin, temptation was a human condition he couldn’t avoid.So he pushed away from Peter, trying to avoid temptation.There were many other good sections about Jesus strategically planning his message, sharing it with small groups until they truly understood.He knew what would happen if there was m…

Headline News

As part of my schoolwork, I watch the news everyday. (In addition to reading the paper.) Tonight I was watching Headline News and saw three stories that really affected me. They are in order of emotional significance.

Story One:
When discussing the current events in Afghanistan, they played a video of a man, another man with a religious name (which I won't use after the fire bombings over something the Pope said), who was planning on becoming a suicide bomber. It showed him getting ready for his mission. Packing his car with explosives. Talking about how Americans are dogs and basically worthy of extermination. Then the cameraman got in the car with him. He asked him questions.

How are you feeling? "Calm."
In your heart? "I am praying that Allah will accept me."

They spot their targets: two American vehicles. Then there is a break in the tape as the cameraman leaves the loaded car. You hear the camera operator encouraging the driver on a walkie-talkie, &qu…


I made a schedule today so I would be able to get all my work done in a systematic manner. Now I find myself doing nothing because I managed to do all my work plus 1.5 hours of Strategic research. Craziness.

I like making my life into a little boxes of things to do. That way I can be spontaneous during all the times that aren't scheduled! That being said, I am looking for entertaining things to fill some of the empty spaces with. Anyone want to join me as I explore the "secret treasures" discussed in my guide book?

Things to note:
Dana and I are, unfortunately, not soulmates. She requires that her soulmate lend her floss, and I was quite selfish in reserving my special flouride floss for myself. Bummer.

That random statistic about more people being killed by vending machines than shark attacks in the United States came in handy today; I actually successfully used it in a class discussion.

Advisor is spelled with an "e" instead of an "o" in AP langu…

West Wing Wednesday?

Waaaaay back in the day, Wednesday evenings were dedicated to West Wing. I loved it. I mean, I absolutely still love it. Unconciously today, while searching for surveys on NASA to analyze for class, I ran across a survey for PBS. This made me think about doing something on television. So I looked up and saw the stack of six seasons of West Wing on my DVD shelf and thought, "What the heck?"

My goal was to find polls about the publics opinion of doing a political drama before the show was aired. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of those either. I did find random polls done last year though. So I wrote a paper on two Zogby International polls in coordination with a Washington Post article. The main idea: West Wing followed quasi-reliable poll data that could have contributed to the ultimate demise of the series. I personally think losing Aaron Sorkin was a big part of that back in season 4. Anyway, if you are interested in it, I will try to learn how to do that …


I believe that God answers every prayer, even if it is not the response we want. This policy does not appear to apply to email.

I have sent out a bunch of emails in the past few weeks that people have not responded to. Now I know I have a bad tendency to take a week or more in responding IF I am doing something big, like say, moving. Otherwise, I am efficient - five day turn around? maybe six? If this is a lie, I'm sorry and please tell me.

Jason was kind enough to forgive my un-returned (though promised) phone call and even emailed me. Thank you.

I could name drop the four people who haven't responded to phone or email contacts and humiliate them, so instead I will do this. Write back and all will be forgiven. Especially if I stayed up an extra two hours late to make you some graphs about surveys that took forever to input. Or, if it is your birthday this week and I wanted to hang out with you to celebrate. Or if you are a family member or friend who just has been too b…


Reasons why today has quite possibly been the cruddiest day since I have moved here:

It rained.

My teacher made me feel stupid, obselete, juvenile, and uninformed.

He also made me spend $1.50 on parking to talk to me for ten minutes - which were obviously not well spent.

I did not get into the group I auditioned for. This was not actually upsetting so much as the idea that it has been something like 4 years since I auditioned and got something and 7 years since I competitively auditioned and got something.

Financial aid managed to screw me over to the tune of close to $1400. But "don't worry" because I can apply for loans to cover rent, food, and tuition for the summer in the spring.

The strawberries went moldy and one of the bananas is so bad it started dripping sticky juice which is now all over the top of the microwave.

Good things about today:

I got to hang out with Dad for a little while.

I got to meander around in Borders and finally picked up a book I have been looking f…

One Fine Day

Church at Little Flower - 9am mass is better than 10:30. Part of the homily was about waiting for our calling. In the middle of the homily I figured out what my religious calling might be. I think I am going to work for the Cardinal responsible for the US and get paid to go to every seminary and diocese and give classes on how to give homilies. Not necessarily content so much as performance. I think a few tips would have parishoners much more involved in the message and therefore the church. Stand up straight. Don't lean on the podium. Make sure the crowd can hear you. Occassionally make a facial expression that gives the impression YOU might care about what you are saying. Try multiple tones in your voice. These are easy things that would make church MUCH better. I am serious, I might do this.

Newspaper and nap time.

PC Writing assignment: Simplify a biology article written for college seniors to a ninth grade reading level. 6 rewrites, two editors (thanks …


Tonight was not a good night for the Gamecocks. In fact, it was pretty awful after halftime. If you want highlights look elsewhere, because I am not up for that.

The night was not a bust though. I got to hang out with Napoleon, Gashwin, and Tom; all USC alums. It was so much better to suffer this defeat with them here. They were perfect first unrelated guests. There was screaming, yelling, jumping up, and certainly some cursing. That was just at the television though. The banter was a little witty combined with funny. It was great to listen to the guys argue about things that were, in my opinion, inconsequential. But it was all in good fun. I felt at home not just because I was actually in my apartment but because I was surrounded by people who came to see me there. It was the first time I ever felt ownership over my space.

And what a cool space we have. The apartment looks nice. In honor of the guys and Dad coming tomorrow I cleaned the entire place (Dana superbly managed…


Breaking my one post promise ...

I just won a game of 40 Theives. It is an incredibly difficult card game (to me) and I won. For about the third time ever. Usually I ignore it, or walk away, but tonight that applause when the little "Congratulations, Play Again?" sign came up, it really did it for me. Take a bow, you won a card game.

It is certainly the little things in life, and I can deal with that. Love always, ~Heather

Whoosh. Better.

I got so much accomplished today. Up at my regular hour and well rested for the first time in days. I met with Professor Steinhorn to discuss viable options for my paper and my thesis. I felt better about my prospects but I still feel like I am in that transition year. The one where everyone knows you were qualified to get there but still doesn't think you are good enough to do it. I'm so used to being able to prove people wrong immediately. I kind of like this new challenge.

I got 75% of my financial aid troubles squared away. I finally deposited my refund check in the bank so I can pay my rent. I mailed a package to some very special friends. I renewed my stuff at the library and checked out some books that are going to be "fun" reading but will eventually help me with my classes too. I went to an acapella concert for a group I'm auditioning for Sunday evening. I had eggs-with-a-hole-in-the-middle for dinner. I worked for three hours and finished an …

One of those days

Did you ever have one of those days? Of course you have, who am I kidding. Good, then perhaps you'll get this.

[I would like to preface this with the thought that in all of my suffering, I have food, shelter, a fabulous family, and I don't have to wear a gas mask to go out the door. I am not a starving child in Africa, nor am I an exploited female sex worker in Asia or Europe. I know I am one lucky girl.]

I couldn't sleep again last night. So I woke up and went directly back to bed. When I did get up I managed to watch part of the president's speech before falling asleep on the couch. This was followed by my landlord slamming the door. For the first time it was a good thing. I got up and showered and ready for school. I finished my reading and did my online stuff. Seems like an ordinary day.

The bus trip went well. They gave me my refund check at school. Class wasn't bad and I have an appointment for tomorrow with my professor. Then things started turnin…

Single Post

This is the only post I am going to make today - because apparently one of my loyal readers has found that reading my posts everyday can be a little much. I agree that I write alot. I just figure this gives you so much more of me to love. Hehehe ... (evil little laugh).

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. Then I woke up tired because I hadn't slept enough. So I woke up, watched 20 minutes of TV and had cereal, did some homework, folded laundry, read some more, and then I took a nap. Ah the joys of napping. It was only an hour - but it was well deserved.

This afternoon I tackled the rest of the reading I had to do from last weeks assignments. I looked up some research from PEW (polling) and checked email. Then I made dinner. This was very cool. I made chicken vegetable casserole. Opposed to the advice of my sister, I did not use a recipe. This was mostly because I had no cream-of-anything soup, so I made the cream sauce myself (merci Alice pour tous que tu es m'en…

Return of the Rat

The random rat is back. I think he is drunk - guy can't walk in a straight line at all. At least we were inside when we spotted him this time.

I resumed classes today. Not much better, but I certainly held my own in Theory. The veela thing has worn off entirely now. So has some of the professor's nervousness. There was significantly less pacing tonight, which was good.

I met with the guy I'll be working for to talk about the project. Seems like the most basic work a girl could ask for - looking through a database that has a search page and then typing the number of articles into a spreadsheet. It isn't the greatest challenge of my life really, but I am relieved I won't have to read it all. I don't think that my supervisor really understands me. He is a social "scientist." I feel like these liberal artsy people use that term way too liberally. I tried to explain the differences I saw between his "experiements" and the scientific r…

Reading day

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense."
Gertrude Stein

I think this happened to me today. I got up and got ready for church. I read the Washington Post (Section A). I came home from church and got another two sections of the paper read. Then I started in on my packet reading. This was followed by a nap. Two more hours of reading in my PC Writing textbook. This book is a great relief to me as it explains the outlines of the business, which is something I've never really encountered before. More than that, it is the easiest reading textbook I think I have ever had.

I called home, finished the Business section, had dinner, started reading for Theory, got some online articles finished, wrote my assignment bio for Tuesday, picked up the textbook again and then just crashed. I have watched a good amount of random television, checked up on some other internet articles, and then scanned email.

My friend Malise is in the Peace Cor…

(Biased?) News

I love musicals and musical theater. I am particularly attached to a number of songs from musicals ranging from the 30's to now. However, when the Stephen Shwartz Project tortured "Defying Gravity" from Wicked tonight I was really disappointed. I was also disappointed (though it is only more proof I have to get into this world and correct these instances) that they advertized him as being the creator of the musical Wicked and yet they only did one song from it. Moreover, they had a girl who had no business singing the song sing it.

But the entire show at the Kennedy Center Metrostage was not a bust. "It's an art" from Working was hysterical. The girl singing the waitress' part was a Kristen Chenowith in training. Unfortunately (still harping) they cut that duet section from "Defying Gravity," so I never got to hear her go for it. I was surprised to learn that Stephen Shwartz also wrote; in addition to Pippin, Children of Eden, and Gods…

God or Country?

Do you consider yourself first an American or a Christian? (Ponder this, then read on)I had a little difficulty answering this question. I mean, I have an answer now that I logically approached it, but when it was just posed to me I thought, "Why should I have to choose?" In the end, God won out. [Only] because if someone told me I had to stop being one or the other I would choose to stop being an American. But short of that I am perfectly happy with my multiple personalities! Read more at

Winning Day

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."
Katherine Hepburn

I don't know if I agree with this QOD. I think I obey the rules and I have alot of fun. This subject may be debatable I suppose. Your comments are welcome on this subject.


The GAMECOCKS won15 - 0. That is right ladies and gentlemen, a shut out. There were some seriously spectacular plays and then alot of evidence that we are going to need to beef up our tactics a little more before Georgia next week. We ended the 2005 season second in the SEC East and will be #1 until there is another SEC match-up. It may just be statistics, but it sounds good. I hope we can stay up there this year!

I had my final class of the week today. This is going to be the most time consuming of my classes I think, but I am truly looking forward to the work. We read chapters from our multiple texts, then 7-10 articles off of Lexus-Nexus and Blackboard, and we wrap it up with 3-5 documents from co…