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Headline News

As part of my schoolwork, I watch the news everyday. (In addition to reading the paper.) Tonight I was watching Headline News and saw three stories that really affected me. They are in order of emotional significance.

Story One:
When discussing the current events in Afghanistan, they played a video of a man, another man with a religious name (which I won't use after the fire bombings over something the Pope said), who was planning on becoming a suicide bomber. It showed him getting ready for his mission. Packing his car with explosives. Talking about how Americans are dogs and basically worthy of extermination. Then the cameraman got in the car with him. He asked him questions.

How are you feeling? "Calm."
In your heart? "I am praying that Allah will accept me."

They spot their targets: two American vehicles. Then there is a break in the tape as the cameraman leaves the loaded car. You hear the camera operator encouraging the driver on a walkie-talkie, "Muslims are behind you. Go faster ahead. Think of paradise." Boom.

The anchor was saying how the US military wouldn't say it was an actual incident, and that the footage might just have been Al Quaeda propaganda.

Story Two:
Runway models in Madrid are now being held to BMI (body mass index) standards. Super skinny models will not be gracing the runway in Milan. The new policy was made to help encourage the idea that young girls need to see more than just one image of beauty. It was mentioned that parents should be encouraging this in their children, but the power of the media is growing ever stronger.

Story Three:
Three guys and a laptop made an 80 minute video about how September 11th was really a conspiracy; how the lack of remains from the aircraft is proof it was all done with missiles. At the end of the interview, on of the guys said, "To believe the government didn't know what was going on with 9/11 would mean believing that it was run by the three stooges." (Or something to that effect.)

My commentary: Story 3 is amusing. And a little disheartening that people would think that our government would attack its own people. But I thought it was a fabulous example of how both sides of the story can get representation on the news.

Story 2 makes me happy. It would make me less happy if it happened in the US (I am against the government regulating things that are none of their business). But, the idea that the conversation is starting - that people are recognizing that as the world is gaining weight (at least in western countries) its representatives are losing weight. Someone is paying attention to the way girls and women are being influenced to think about their bodies. Everyone is beautiful - not just skinny people. I like that.

That being said, BMI is the same test that was in the news earlier this week for considering one famous California governor overweight at the prime of his weightlifting career. Validity, credibility, reliability, universality; they might want to work on that.

Story 1. I couldn't stop crying. Then after some serious concerned remarks from Dana, I calmed down. Even if it wasn't real, the idea that that was the simulation ... I hate it. I don't even believe in hate and I hate it. I think that everyone, especially my family, with whom I have often had the "stop saying that conversation," would agree that I am all about peace. That propaganda worked in reverse. Carpet bomb the ____(imagine your own profanity)______. I am opposed to taking innocent lives. I wish it never, ever had to happen. But either get out or destroy them. Take our people out of harms way. Protect the homeland. Stop antagonizing the enemy. Even if you catch Osama Bin Laden, it will not end. Terrorism is as old as the Bible; and like the Bible it isn't going anywhere. I don't like it anymore than you do, but you just have to face reality sometimes.

In Heather news, much of my homework is done. I am catching up on reading I don't need to do for days. I woke up this morning with a sore throat from talking too much last night (thanks for the conversation Jeff). I got to reading a book that isn't required, just recommended. I worked out to Cherry Poppin' Daddies in the family room and even watched High School Musical. It was cute in a Disney Channel way. I am going to pick up my room a little more - motivated by actually getting stuff done ahead of schedule. Love that. Okay, off to pick up and then enjoy some football hopefully Clemson will be clobbered and Florida will pick off Tennessee (your roots don't ever entirely detach, no matter how tall you grow).

Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Fabulous quote of the day.
"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." ~Carl Sagan
and an even better quote from Melissa
Yes...if you use the elevator to go up one floor...I will judge you.


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