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Today is Tuesday

Highlights from today:
  • Breakfast and the Washington Post
  • Going for a walk with Dana on the Crescent City Trail near the house (this thing is beautiful with tunnels and bridges and woods all around).
  • Cleaning up the apartment a bit - mostly sorting through all the newspapers from the days I wasn't here and getting them into the recycling bin.
  • Lunch
  • Writing class
  • Graduate Leadership Council Meeting (thank you everyone who came!)
  • Focus Group for Lindsay. This was also dinner, since they served us pizza. Shawn and Adrian walked me to my car afterwards since it was dark and then I drove them home. Note to anyone interested: driving north on Massachusetts in the evening can take a long time - 10 minutes for two blocks!
  • American Forum on the mid-term elections. It will be airing on WAMU on Thursday evening for those interested. The panelists were quite good!
  • Theory class, where we discussed infotainment and films as a means of communicating ideas. I should note here that I made class a little long, because my teacher, in his INFINITE wisdom, again assigned us readings that had bad data with high margins of error. He really needs to work on that. So basically, in true Heather fashion, I pointed out all of the reasons why the results were skewed. I feel like I am doing a service to the people in the class who don't realize that they are getting boased information. I'm not sure they care.
  • Light snack and conversation about the existence of God.
  • We discovered the flue has been open a bit - this could explain some of the chilliness in the apartment.
  • Talked to Derek about the picnic tomorrow.
  • Blogging ...
And that about sums it up. It was weird leaving for school at 1:30 and not getting home until 11pm. It wasn't a problem while I was at school, it just seems strange that I spent so much time there.

My other missions for the moment include finding people to carpool with for the Thanksgiving drive south, completing all the GLC tasks I said I would do, actually working, and finishing my papers before Thanksgiving break so I can really enjoy myself. I guess we'll see how that goes.

I have some other things to talk about, but I'm tired. Maybe tomorrow. Goodnight for now! Love, ~Heather