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Big event of the day: I discovered the truth.

(The "you" should be "I") (Thanks to G for the link to the Quiz page)

Otherwise, I:
  • Slept in.
  • Had a meeting about my graduate program.
  • Put flyers in student mailboxes.
  • Printed out about 75 pages of stuff I need to read over vacation (in addition to the other things I already have.)
  • Cleaned up the kitchen.
  • Shredded cheese and hung out with Dana (who made me some awesome cookies for my car ride home tomorrow!).
  • Briefly listened to Christmas music, breaking a rule I have followed since I was in kindergarten.
  • Vacuumed and tidied my room while starting laundry.
  • Talked to Grandmother.
  • Watched basically all of the original Star Wars series - except they weren't actually in the original format. (And yay for Dana's friend who came over to watch some of it with me! Also, I had no idea we had Cinemax.)

**Note on how crappy it is that they "made the movies better" by changing the music and adding digital imagery. I vote that it totally blows. Give me the originals! (Who knew I was a traditionalist?)**

  • Slight bit more of cleaning. Seriously slight.
  • Blogging and bedtime.
I would write you a nice little narrative, but there was nothing explicitly descriptive about today except my detour home. Which basically took me about a mile out of my way, but I found another cool park to hang out and study in - so all is well! Tomorrow I'm driving home to spend a week with my family and have a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

I'll chat with you again from there. In the mean time, please keep G's dad in your prayers (and G too, since he is flying home to India) and also great-Aunt Betty, Mr. Nye, and Grandmother's friend from church. May God look out for the sick and make them better, watch over the deceased as they make their way home to him, and take care of the families affected. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. - Safe travels everyone!!!