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Thump to Singing

There is something that goes *thump* in the morning. Once every 30 seconds for a half an hour. Then, the 3-year-old decided to run a mini-marathon in the playroom above my bed. And the little girl threw a tantrum. And I finally got back to sleep an hour later. Not thrilled.

But aside from the rocky start, today has shaped up nicely. I got done with all my writing homework, some of my research homework, and I responded to an online thing for theory. I cleaned up from the party, doing my half of the dishes and vacuuming the random popcorn kernels that missed people's mouths. I also did my dark laundry and fixed a problem with my computer. Oh yeah, and Florida beat Vandy and LSU is standing up to Tennessee ... for the moment.

Church was really good. The music was good, the pastor a little too southern baptist style but had a nice message, and I felt ... peaceful and happy. I was so moved, I volunteered to start singing with one of the groups there. Luckily I was able to meet up with the contemporary mass director and she likes that I sing harmony - which makes me extremely happy. I really need to settle into a parish family. It isn't my ideal church, but it is the closest, the most open, and I'll probably only be living up here for another nine months anyway.

So tonight I am going to be out and about and having a marvelous time. And if not, then I'll duck out of wherever I am and find the nearest place where I can watch my beloved Gamecocks take on Arkansas (if I had known it was on ESPN ... socialize Heather, socialize). Okay. You go do your Saturday night, I'll go do mine, and we'll catch up tomorrow night. Love always, ~Heather


Harmony, done well, can be a rare commodity in Catholic contemporary masses. I'm sure the choir leader was thrilled to have you contribute. Enjoy!