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Proclivity - a natural inclination or predisposition

This is yesterday's word of the day. Today's was exacerbate. I didn't really think it applied. Proclivity matches my thing I am thankful for.

[This message brought to you because I could seriously not think of a title for this post. The picture below is of the Taize monastery. I was reminded of my time there again today when Frida, a friend from Sweden, wrote me a message.]

I was significantly less productive today than I wanted to be - but I still have all day tomorrow to make up for it. I did find some great academic article and research search engines, got prepared and brainstormed on my Strategic paper, and I seriously considered doing my writing homework. I actually am three people shy of finishing my Research homework - and I only started about 5 hours ago. I feel like I should probably be done with that by tomorrow.

I want to really finish up the Lit Review before lunch tomorrow. Since I only have 2 of about 20 pages, I might not be able to swing it. But if I can intelligibly copy and paste all the hard work I put into my annotated, it shouldn't be a problem. Also, I technically only have to write 8 more pages, since the thing is supposed to be double spaced anyway. For a good page that is actually edited, it should take 25 minutes a page x 8 pages = 3.3 hours. I wonder if I could do it before lunch? That would be a cool challenge.

This leads me to my thankful thing of the day. I am thankful for my innate or "uncanny" ability to soak up information and be able to spit it back out in an intelligible format. I am superbly lucky to have inherited the useful gift of information retention. Sometimes I feel like my brain is really cluttered with things - but 99% of the time, I love it. And I am thankful for my ability to learn.

Nothing overly exciting going on in my life. Homework, work, movies on TV, procrastination, accidental dehydration (sometimes I just forget to drink water!), buffing up on ID "theory," and getting prepped for the holiday. Tomorrow I have to go shoe shopping too. I don't think I am really looking forward to that.

Shopping is quite possibly one of my least favorite activities - except when I know what I am going for. I know I am going for shoes. Except, I have put this off for so long that I need to look for brown dress shoes, black dress shoes, and probably some running shoes, since the soles are flapping off of these. Knowing that my powder-puff jersey read "Sus-Squash" on the back should give you some idea as to why shoe shopping isn't going to be the highlight of my Tuesday. But it must be done and I'll be happy when it's over. I might even be thankful for it. I guess we'll see tomorrow.