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Election Day!

The past few days have been full with election-style activities. Sunday I got to work a phone bank for way too long, and meet/see the first lady and governor of Maryland along with Rudy Guiliani and then this morning I stood out at a poll in Virginia to encourage people to vote for a bond referendum. Tonight, I went to a results watching party with my theory class. All rather exciting election things. Oh yeah - and I voted in a voting booth for the first time today. (That my vote counted anyway.) And I also got accused of electioneering for wearing a t-shirt.

That's all on top of a marvelous weekend, a fantastic Monday, and a Tuesday worth remembering. But for the moment, I'm still not going to tell you about it. Besides the fact that anticipation is a great way to keep you coming back, I am particularly concerned with a Maryland Senate race I think was called incorrectly by the television stations. All stations seem to be reporting that Michael Steele is up by 4-5% and yet they have called the race for Cardin. This is frustrating, because they are not considering that the democratic districts they are calling prospectively for Cardin include a number of African-American communities that will probably vote for Steele.

So I'll be watching this until my 2am cut-off. Then tomorrow I'll give you all the juicy details, which may or may not include which types of juice I've had in the past few days. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Love always, ~Heather

P.S. I hope George Allen loses. The end.