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BCS: Blowing College Sports

The BCS sucks and we need a playoff system now. If Florida beats Arkansas and doesn't get into the National Championship, there are serious problems in the world of college football.

In fact, I propose (idea from Dad) that all SEC schools boycott the bowl games if an SEC school isn't in one of the top two bowls. Looking at that last sentence makes me feel a little bratty. And, if USC doesn't play in a bowl this year after we made ourselves eligible, I think I would feel a little defeated.

I also have a theory that the ESPN people biased the voters because they bad-mouthed the SEC all day on Saturday. They are just cranky because their sister station ABC got beat out by CBS for all the SEC match-ups and so they are trying to punish the best division in college football. This is ludicrous when you consider that most other divisions have exactly 2-3 ranked teams. The SEC had 6 most weeks of the year.

I know you probably think I am just being biased towards Florida, but if Arkansas wins, I feel like it should be them up there. The only reason they are ranked as 6th is because they lost to what is now the number 3 USC (so cal) team in their first game of the season and were poorly ranked to begin with. They should have sky-rocketted after beating Auburn, and they didn't.

Here is an article that doesn't express my point of view exactly, but it's pretty close:
Meyer rails on the BCS

Also, from ESPN, Spurrier says South Carolina is looking for an SEC Championship starting next year. With challenges from young teams like Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida - not to mention other SEC powerhouses like Tennessee and LSU, it will be a challenge.

Okay, back to work. Spiritedly, ~Heather