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For my Research Methods class, I wrote a survey about catholicism. I called some people around the country to get results to the survey. It was only a class assignment, but I think the results could be very interesting (they already are to me, I'm just assuming you'll be interested too).

The survey is for people who are Catholic now or have, at one time, considered themselves Catholic. (Respondents must be at least 16 years old.) The results of the survey are completely anonymous. If I get at least 25 respondents, then I'll analyze the results and post them. Please pass this along to others.

Click here to take survey

Thank you so much for your help! ~Heather


keyser soze said…
You mean "affected" not "effected."
One of your questions puzzled me. It read something like: "Has the church's position on these issues influenced your participation?" and them listed a few hot button issues (abortion, gay marriage, etc.)

This may be hard to interpret in the answers you receive. For example, if I agree with the church's stand on X-issue and thus am more likely to show up for Mass, wouldn't my answer be the same as if I strongly disagreed with the Church's stand on X-issue and thus almost never attanded?

Both answers are Yes, but the interpretation within the context of the survey can be problematic.

Conversely, does a "No" mean:
a. No, I disagree with the church on these issues, but since I don't go often, what the church says doesn't bother me?
b. No, I'd come just as often as I do now even if the Bishops fell into schism because I can only receive the Sacraments at the Catholic Church?
c. No, I just show up because my spouse drags, me, out of habit, out of fear of dying, and I don't really pay attention to the rest of it?
d. Etc.

It will be interesting to see what results you get, how folks answered, and what spin you choose for that question.