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Bright Friday

My family doesn't really believe in Black Friday. First of all we have our own traditions. Second of all, it is a really stupid idea to go to a store and get trampled. Actually, I think anyone willing to go is really brave, so hooray for you if you went. I was otherwise occupied with the holiday spirit.

My idea of spending the Friday after Thanksgiving is on a ladder. We took all of the Christmas boxes and containers out of the attic. This doesn't seem like it would be a big deal, except we have three regular size tubs, one large box, and seven giant tubs (like the kind you or I could fit into). This is in addition to the big tin of ornaments, the huge computer box with my stuff in it, the dishes and such that were already on the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets and the two boxes of wrapping paper and the two boxes with the Christmas tree lights and ornaments in them that we left in the attic until later.

As I write the list, I feel a little awkward. It seems strange that we have almost as many boxes of Christmas decorations as I have boxes of stuff for my apartment. But it is this thing, it's our tradition. I'll take pictures and show you the house when it is all decorated - Mom finished the outside today. I'm actually not allowed to decorate here. There are rules about where everything goes, and each of us has our own traditional tasks. My tradition is the annual Christmas ball. (More about this later.)

Taking down the boxes didn't really take all day. It actually only took us about 45 minutes. Then I spent a majority of the afternoon doing homework (blah) and otherwise putzing around. Then this evening we went to the Dickens event downtown. It is basically a Christmas Carol kind of deal on Main Street downtown. There was a man with a funny English accent saying "You may cheer!" after all his announcements and people in costume partout and fireworks! It was quite an experience. If I'm here next year, I'm totally wearing a costume.

So my day was bright with twinkle lights and fireworks and homework. Maybe not so much on the homework, but it is about 40% done, so that's progress. I'm going to catch some z's now. A haircut, the Gamecocks kicking Tiger butt, more Thanksgiving leftovers, and hopefully the completion of another chunk of homework awaits me tomorrow. Love you much, ~Heather