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St. Catherine

I looked this up for Grandmother - who was reciting a poem about St. Catherine to me. We were trying to figure out what she was known for, and here it is. St. Catherine is the patron saint of young maidens and female students. In life she was known for her eloquent speech and persuasiveness. She was a student of the sciences who, knowing that Christians were being killed for their beliefs, was audacious enough to tell the king what she thought. Also, she was one of the chief spiritual counselor's of Joan of Arc. I think I'll pray to her more often - I think we would have gotten along pretty well!

(Note: I am home in Fayetteville for the next week.)

Today has been good. I sang with the choir at church this morning. It was nice to sing with a choir again. Then we went grocery shopping, got a fireplace kit (so we can finally have a fire in the apartment), and then did some gardening. I read a little for one of my classes and fell asleep on the sofa for a bit. I taught the little boy next door sort-of how to roll his tongue and then enjoyed sangria, steak, mushrooms, and artichokes for dinner. Tonight, I am uncertain as to my official plans, but I think I will only work a little and then actually work all day tomorrow to get things done. Since both my parents will be at work, it should be productive.

Thanks to my neighbors, I have wireless in the house (they gave me the passkey - I'm not just stealing it) which will make it easier to work from my room and the kitchen. (One should really be mobile when working on the same projects all day - it makes it more entertaining!)

OKay, family time, Harry Potter time, homework time ... etc. I am loving being home for Thanksgiving! Speaking of which, I'm starting a series for the rest of the week: things I'm thankful for! I invite each of you to add a comment on something you are thankful for everyday as well.

Today's thankfullness: I am thankful I was raised in a loving, caring family - especially one that fed me well and taught me the importance of family.

Love always, ~Heather