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Time Well Spent

Procrastination consistently gets me into trouble. I am, however sadly, addicted to it. I procrastinated a bunch today. I was relatively productive though. I'm finished with all the homework for one class, I went to four shoe stores all over town trying on an incredibly large number of shoes in sizes ranging from 9 to 11 and M to W. It wasn't terrible. But I still don't have dress shoes. If it ever stops raining here, I'll venture out again.

Speaking of the rain: If you are planning on driving tomorrow, please DRIVE CAREFULLY. I am not your mother or other annoying relative. I am a friend who has driven on the most travelled day of the year way too many times. I've also seen what flash flooding can do to the roads - particularly I-95 - and I just want all of you to be able to spend Thanksgiving safe and sound at your intended destinations. You've seen the storms over NC, watched the snow stories from SC and TN, and heard about the wind everywhere. I know you want to get there, but please do it safely. I'll have my phone on all day, so call if you need someone to keep you awake or anything.

In other Heather news, I walked the dog in the sleet earlier. This was highly unintentional. I looked outside, and it wasn't raining as hard as it had been, so I took the poor cooped up dog out on his leash. When I realized it was freezing rain instead, I just didn't have the heart to make him go back inside. It was a short and cold jaunt.

We made pies here tonight. Well, Mom made them really. I watched and played cards with Dad for most of the process. (500 rummy is basically the only card game I ever stand a chance of winning at. My dad is an often willing victim. Tomorrow we'll play Gin though, and I'll lose terribly, so I don't feel bad.) Back to the pies. There are two pumpkin, one mountain of an apple, and one cherry. [Add pie picture later.] We (meaning Mom) started preparing the antipasta as well.

Thanksgiving is one of those eating holidays. My friend Frida from Sweden wrote me today asking what else we did in addition to eating. I think I'll reply tomorrow with something including naps, football watching, and spending time with family. In our house, which is usually full to the brim on turkey day, we start preparing food four days in advance. There is an Excel spreadsheet that outlines which tasks will be done on which day and by whom. It is color-coded by day and person. If you think this is so weird, don't eat here - you'll be missing out though.

Last year, my best friend Caroline celebrated with my family. I was in France, so she got to experience the chart first hand. My mother assigned her all of my usual tasks. I thought that was pretty funny. I usually chop vegetables two days out, help with the pies, and stuff celery with (*nasty) cream cheese stuff (other people like it) and peanut butter (which I like). I am generally relegated to tasks that do not include actual cooking. To the outside world, I can cook, and cook well. In my family however, I am generally forbidden from being near the stove.

This isn't warrantless. I have burned myself countless times. I have occassionally burned food. This summer I accidently set a pot on fire because I heated the oil and didn't add anything to it in time. I have a tendency to disregard recipes or use inappropriate substitute ingredients. My ice cream scoop has been used as a communal hammer. I am a menace to the kitchen.

When given some time and an unbusy kitchen, I can be a good cook. I make tasty basic things and sometimes random french, mexican, or italian dishes. I am an expert at quiche. Thanksgiving isn't really a time when the kitchen is empty or when I can take a little more time than planned. It is also not a time for quiche.

So tomorrow I'll be snapping green beans, mixing the ingredients for spinach dip, and stuffing celery. I'll have to check the spreadsheet and make sure though - I don't want to forget anything.

Travel safely and enjoy all the fabulous food. (1.5 days and counting until Thanksgiving dinner!) Love always, ~Heather

P.S. In keeping with my series, today I am thankful for time. I have had extra time to spend here with my family. I've been able to procrastinate a bit on my work to relax a little. I've even been able to sit down to meals without reading or watching the news. So I am grateful for time. The time God has already given me and the time that lies ahead. If time were to end for me in the near future, I would still be glad I got the time I've had so far, especially time spent with friends and family. I hope that you feel like your time on earth has been well spent too! ~HB