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I finally got some homework done! Hooray for me!!! I also had some particularly excellent pumpkin soup for dinner. Yum yum. I discovered the secret to good mushrooms is a little wine - all this time I've been wondering why mine don't taste as good as Mom's! I wrote to my French family and received some interesting advice about simplifying life. All in all, it was a good and productive day.

Tonight, we even went up to a neighbor's to have a little get-together. The hosts are members of our church choir. I love singing, and Becky is an incredible alto to sing with. I might even be taking care of their pets when I'm home for Christmas (even pets should have people around on the holidays!).

Speaking of pets, I walked Shadow three times today. I love walking the dog. I think I am most thankful for unconditional love today. Pets often love you unconditionally, parents try to (mine, I think, are successful), and most of all God loves me all the time. I'm pretty thrilled about that.

But now it is late. I watched the last bit of City of Angels on TV just now - I love that movie. It has multiple good parts, but my favorite is when she can't sleep and his just being there makes it better for her. I don't forsee having any trouble falling asleep, so I am off to my bed. I will either dream of turkey and stuffing and other great treats, or I will just wake up to them (after church of course). I'm still leaving my phone on for the last few of my straggling friends who haven't left their respective schools yet, but luckily the weather and roads have cleared up a bit.
For my friends and family who haven't yet departed or will read this before leaving to go back home, travel safely. I love you all and wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving. Hugs and kisses (as always), ~Heather

Joyeux fete de Thanksgiving a vous en France! Je sais que c'est pas votre fete, mais mange le dinde aujourd'hui - c'est un celebration de famille! Peut-etre l'esprit est different ... hmmm... d'accord, je vais vous envoyez les recettes et photos du repas. Vous me manque, ma famille francaise. Un jour on va faire Thanksgiving ensemble!!! Gros bisous, ~Heather


Anonymous said…
It will be so amazing to have Thanksgiving together ! ! !
Thanks for your call to alice she was very happy about.

I have to send you a picture of my bombarde and why not a MP3 for hear it.