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I think it is interesting how a person can seem so present and yet so absent simultaneously. I'm not saying I feel invisible. In fact, it is probably the opposite. I've been busy with planning and writing papers and just recently singing Christmas songs with my roommate (which, by the way is an incredible amount of fun).

I'm just kind of feeling ... introverted. (Feel free to laugh if you actually know me, chances are you don't believe this is possible.) In fact, tonight at dinner when describing myself, I actually was explaining to a friend that of the three kids in my family I am the most introverted or (perhaps better worded) the least social. I'm not sure she believed me (but you should, since I'm not lying and anyone in my family can attest to this truth).

Maybe I'm in a pensive mood? Who knows. I know that when my parents called tonight to make sure I was doing okay, I was really glad they called. And that I've been incredibly lucky to have had the chance to hang out with friends a little this week and hopefully a bunch more this weekend. Tomorrow is the holiday party, Saturday is the SEC championship game (anyone interested in catching that on CBS?) and then Sunday is advent dinner with friends.

All this, three major papers to write, a partner presentation to plan with an accompanying 12 page report, two minor papers, and a variety of tasky things I want to get done in the next week. I'm not stressed. I'm not lonely. I'm just ... introspective. I'm intro-something. And hungry. Ice cream (we finally went grocery shopping tonight), a letter of recommendation, a party CD to mix, and a flyer for a charity basketball game should round out this evening's activities.

Tomorrow I'll be writing. Feel free to break my concentration. Love always, ~Heather

**The pictures are one view from Heidelberg Castle and me at Frankenstein's Castle in Germany last February. The image below is a description of me based on a quiz I took a long time ago, but I always thought it was kind of sweet, even if not entirely true.**


Christmas time (and its approach) seems to bring out the pensive and melancholy in all of us (note: melancholy doesn't necessarily mean sad.)

Enjoy the chances to carol.