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Studious Saturday

Saturday night for a studious girl in DC.

  • Chicken Helper Cheesy Enchilada. Sort of good.
  • Two binders and a book with a highlighter and blue pen on the couch.
  • A #2 yellow pencil stuck through a dishelved bun.
  • The prospects of watching All the President's Men.
  • A 3x5 card To-Do list with 16 items on it, none of which are crossed off, though many are in progress.

Saturday afternoon wasn't too much different, but at least I got to sit outside in the park and read. Woodacres Park had girls soccer matches going on, lots of sunny, grassy patches, and a wonderful old tree to lean up against.

I sometimes wonder if talking about something makes it more true. It certainly makes it more present. Dilligently going back to work now with a little hope and hopefully enough energy to get through a few of the list items before bed. Anyone want to find a nice outdoor place to study with me tomorrow? Love always, ~Heather