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Scriptovisual is an interesting word I learned while doing all that homework I've been talking about. It basically means a document you can read and look at the pictures at the same time. Using that as a prompt, the following is a photo rendition of all the things I haven't taken a ton of time to talk to you about. Here are the captions and pictures:

High school homecoming and hanging out with Jen: The best part of the trip, aside from Jen of course, was seeing this brick placed in the sidewalk in the courtyard where I used to eat lunch.

(It was great to see many of my friends there too ... I have pictures of a bunch of your bricks for you if you are interested (J.B., J.H., D.M., TJ, basically everyone from CF Select ...)

I went to the pumpkin patch with grad friends and Dana and had my first caramel apple ever!

Interesting quotes of the day:

"Is there a goat at the top of that staircase?" -Rachel

"My eyes filled with tears, I must've had ten beers ..." - Bluegrass singer

Dana enjoyed the potato sack hill-slide. I did too. It was definitely funny to see all of us grown girls catapulting ourselves down between the children!

Our pumpkin (and my shoe) on the hayride. Dana and I wandered around looking for pumpkins and both started walking towards the exact same one at the exact same time.
It was 26lbs of orange destiny.

There was also the pumpkin canon, which seriously shot pumpkins across a field at a target. So cool.

And of course, as promised, the backsides of Erin, Dana, and Rachel looking at the corn maze we snuck out the side of.

Guarav and Tom came over Saturday evening and watched Pirates of the Caribbean with me. It was nice to hang out with them - and we should be connecting to watch the Gamecocks take on the Volunteers next weekend. This time we'll be catching up at the seminary though, which is pretty exciting, since I haven't been there before!

I left them in the guys in the apartment to run to the airport. The drive to Dulles from my house is simply simple. I was ecstatic. Which reminds me, that I owe VDOT a huge thank you for finally fixing the 170B exit from northbound 95. I didn't have to take any extremely long ramps or make hairpin turns on an overpass. Ah, the glories of the mixing bowl unmixing!

Marco came to visit the states for the next two weeks. We wandered around the city a bit (he has the pictures from that). We had dinner in Chinatown with Jeff (sooo good). Then we popped into the Plaza (L'Enfant) to "borrow" a hotel restroom before circling Capitol Hill and getting lost behind Union Station.

I was beginning to despise 'home' because it is followed by 'work'. I felt so bad that basically all I could do for Marco's visit was to stick my nose in a book or type. But I did manage a photoshoot of him between articles!

We had a bunch of long talks, we toured AU, shopped around Dupont Circle, and basically caught up. He did, I kid you not, RUN to Krispy Kreme before we had dinner at the california Pizza Kitchen. (He has vetoed that picture though, becacuse it does not fit with his new "look." I was shocked to find my friend being trendy. Luckily for scrubby me, the inside is what matters most!)

And that about sums up the past little while. Today I cleaned data and laundry, finished 7 (literal) years of global warming articles, made stew and biscuits, and had five happy things happen.

1. Possible ticket (and trip!) to the USC vs. Florida game in Gainesville with my family.

2. Learned SPSS (a type of Excel on steroids for social science research - so exciting. This is way better than ArcGIS).

3. Discovered I will have to actually administer my phone survey to people using random dialing. This is frightening (since my survey is a little controversial being about Catholicism and all) and thrilling simultaneously!

4. Got to speak French with the doctoral student from Nice who taught the SPSS class.

5. Received exciting email messages and got to catch up on blogging while When Harry Met Sally played in the background.

What a wonderful series of days! Check out Marco's blog ("A German" on the side panel) for some other night time city pictures. All in all, that ridiculously long annotated bibliography ruled my life and I still managed to kick back a bunch. I am incredibly blessed.

All this excitement is wearing me out! Sleeping seems my remedy. Love always, ~Heather


Erin Elizabeth said…
How was SPSS class? Mine was more of just an overview...