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Never Give Up

"Never give in and never give up."
Hubert H. Humphrey

Last night I sat down at my computer and I ranted - truly ranted - an entire blog. I was so angry. I don't know who I was angry or upset with, maybe myself. But after that I was setting my alarm so I could go to bed. The radio came on, as it often does when I slide the bar over. The song said, "Don't give up." All I had done was write about ... awfulness, and the song said "don't give up."

Then today's quote of the day. I believed it last night, but I believe it more now. Those messages came direct to me, exactly when I needed them. You don't have to believe me, and most of you probably won't, but God was looking out for me just then. He wanted me to know that it was okay. And then it was. I don't tihnk it would be fair to not share the good word when I had a chance. I'm not the evangelical kind really, but I thought you should know.

The truth is, there have been alot of discouraging things happening in the past week. Problems at school, problems with people, problems with grades. I think I just let it all get to me.

Then tonight I finally got to use a little of the things I've been learning in school. My sister had to write a survey and I got to help her. Bonus points because it was on global warming and I have read basically every article from 2004- September 2006 that had that term in it (from the Washington Post and NYTimes, but still over 300 articles). I talked to my Dad and had a real conversation about newspapers and investigative reporting. Every phone call I had tonight did something magic for me. The horrible anxiety I felt this week subsided alot.

Last night I watched a film, Proof. It was converted from the play, and it was incredible. It was certainly encouraging, if nothing else. I am no longer a big math geek (just a little one who can't really master calculus), but there was something in the character that stuck out to me.

The important thing to remember is to never give up. I don't think you should just make lemonade with the lemons - throw the citrus back if you can. It doesn't always work out that easily though. It is important to not lose your drive, your motivation, your spirit. That internal feeling - your soul speaking to you - you can't suppress it. It is what makes you so different and wonderful. Life is going to keep pelting you with things like it was a dodgeball match with bowling balls. Don't let it get you down. You're bigger than that. Much bigger. You might walk away with some serious bruises (still on the bowling ball metaphor) but it is worth it if you get to keep being you.


I guess I was feeling inspirational after all that. Just a little more proof that life really is "happily after all." Love always, ~Heather