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Sleep On It

Can I just tell you how stupid I feel? After all this ridiculous angst and acting out and not focusing, all I needed was to get some freaking sleep. Now, after an actual full night of rest I feel as normal as ever.

Verdict: Don't make phone calls until you have sufficiently rested. In other words, sleep on it.

Summary of events: A marvelous weekend, starting Thursday with the carving party, picked up on Friday by the ghost tour with Kira and Meryl and then board games. Saturday, also considerably marvelous with good conversations, football, friends, and arguably the best time I've ever had while watching West Wing. Sunday rounded out the fun with finding my own detour, not-scary movies, and realizing that I am blessed with an amazing roommate who honestly took care of me through an exhaustion driven spell of ridiculousness.

And like a child, my exhaustion prevented me from falling asleep. But I finally conked off, woke up, babysat my landlord's daughter and took her on a walk through the woods (Capitol City Crescent Trail) and came to the stunning conclusion that I probably need more than 7 hours of sleep in three days to be rational. I am a freaking genius.

I'm registered for classes, my apartment will be clean in less than an hour, and then I am going to dive into the phone survey and reading for tomorrow. What a fabulous fall day! I hope you are having as smiley a time as I am! Love always, ~Heather