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Calling all (Non) Catholics

For my research class I have to put together a survey. I chose the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as my client and their "problem" was trying to determine:
  • What factors contribute to activity among Catholics.
  • What factors contribute to inactivity among Catholics .
  • What changes could be employed to increase activity among inactive Catholics.
I need to come up with 25-30 questions that will really cover the bases and provide the most information for my client. The proposed plan had focus groups discussing the issue - but time is limited and the assignment is a questionnaire.

Because I have only one mind, I am limited in perspective. Lots of experiences and lots of minds make for better survey questions (and better surey results!). Any suggestions you might have on what types of questions I should include, specific content areas, or even your responses to the above statements will help to improve my survey.

I thank you in advance for helping me out. And if you aren't Catholic, your input is just as valid - you either have your own religion you could relate the question to, or you have no religion and could perhaps explain what keeps you away from church. To a regular church-goer, this is excellent information.

Who knows, maybe in the end I can send this off to the right people and "get some butts in the seats" (Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act). Probably not. But a good grade and a nice forum discussion never hurt anyone. Thanks again. Love always, ~Heather


Napoleon said…
1) What reasons would you give for going to church on Sunday morning? (Or what draws you to go to church on Sunday morning?)

2) What would you say your level of "religious activity" in a week, outside of Mass? Why do you participate at this level? Would you like to do more? Why?

3) Do you feel that you are connected to your Church community (the people, the priest, any organizations)? What would inspire you to get more involved? What keeps you from getting involved (or If you would like to be more involved what types of concerns keep you from doing so?)

4) How important is Church in your week? How important are "religious activities" in your week? What benefit do you derive from your "religious activities"? What benefit do you derive from you church community?

5) What do you consider are catholic "religious activities" that you could participate in on a daily, weekly basis?

6) How much time do you feel is appropriate to spend doing "religious activities"? How much time do you feel you give each week doing "religious activities"?

7) Do negative news stories about the church make you less inclined to get involved?

8) What positive news would make you more inclined to get inovleved?

9) What would you say is the most compelling reason to participate in church or "religious activities"?

10) Are you happy, satisfied with your level of participation? What factors might change your level of satisfaction?