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Day of Rest

All the bracketted stuff is from the original entry. The other stuff is new or more complete ...
[Abbreviated daytime entry to be filled in after my nap.]

It is Sunday, the day of rest. Luckily I have Daylight Saving Time to aid me in this endeavor.

Friday night I went on a ghost tour of Lafayette Park in front of the White House. The stories were much more history than spooky, and our tour guide didn't seem to even believe her own stories. Since it was raining, I got quite wet and cold. But it was still a bunch of fun. I met two really nice undergrads from AU who I hung out with the majority of the evening. They were kind enough to take this picture of me in front of the White House.

Speaking of the mansion, our tour guide inadvertently caused a security concern that got the flood lights turned on and sent a guard from across Pennsylvania Avenue over. Apparently, if you are standing on the ledge and our umbrella briefly crosses the plane of the top of the fence some serious alarms go off! It was fun. Or funny. And secure, which is good.

When I got home I got directly into some warm pajamas and curled up with my Strategic homework. Then a friend came over and we talked and played board games. My Yahtzee skills are severely lacking, as it turns out.

Saturday, exhausted from a late night of games and since it was still raining, I skipped the Baltimore conference and stayed in bed. I did phone catch-up, talking to Mom and Caroline for about an hour each. I also managed some research homework and started my national telephone survey.

In between I watched ESPN GameDay and the Florida/Georgia game. Then I went to Gaurav's for dinner and the game. The seminary is really rather nice - differently structured than I thought though. After what can only be described as an incredibly disappointing loss, I went out to a bar with the guys, where the live band left much to be desired. Luckily the company was entertaining - particularly teaching Gaurav and Jeff sign language.

After all that, I went over to Jeff's to watch some West Wing. One should never underestimate one's ability to stay awake on four hours of sleep the night before when faced with an entertaining option (such as the dramatic sixth season opening of West Wing). But as Jeff put it (I was sleepy, so the quote could be wrong here), "[staying up into the morning] is one of those things that makes life worth living." Yeah, I am pretty sure I messed that up, but it was something like that.

Again, I got very little sleep (though the sleep I got was deep, comforting, and golden after such a busy evening). Church this morning was good. The soloist during the meditation hymn went into a southern baptist/broadway like tenor descant that made me smile for three straight minutes. I came home, took a little time with the Washington Post, did more homework and had lunch.

Things they should tell you the day before: which roads will be shut down all over DC so that when the two routes you know how to take to get from point A to point B are shut down for the Marine Corps Marathon that you don't wind up driving in circles on random blocks until you can refind Massachusetts and get home! (I did not mess up in Dupont Circle this time though, which is a first.)

[Now it is nap time. I have earned it. When I get up, I will reset the clock in my room, write my press release, and finish the reading for two of my classes before making calzones for dinner and calling people randomly from the phonebook so I can get my survey done and in the computer before Wednesday. More and pictures later. Love always, ~Heather]

Exciting random event of the day: A guy from Minnesota called me back because he missed my call when I called for the national phone survey yesterday. He said he felt "privledged" he was the one person from Minnesota I chose (randomly). Unfortunately, he wasn't Catholic, so I had to terminate the survey. It was kind of sad, because he was the first person to agree to take it! (Dana thought he sounded cute when she answered the phone, which I just think is funny. Do you think people can sound how they look?)

And the calzones came out okay. So I'm resting now. I've had 1. Not enough sleep, 2. a busy day, 3. an emotionally exhausting day. I will partake of the mindless entertainment beginning now. Love always, ~Heather

I currently do not have a plan B. Plan 1 is looking good though. Plan is kind of a weird looking word ... I told you I needed mindless entertainment ... my brains are oozing out my ears or something...