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Steamy Sunday

(I was lacking creativity with the title there. It was steamy because it was hot and it rained today. Lame, I know.)

This morning we went to Little Flower Catholic Church. We were concerned the Phantom might be getting married during the service based on the organ music ... but it was a pretty good service nonetheless. Oh, and the Gloria was definitely staccato; a new innovation in musical variation.

Lunch and lists later, we went out to get some incidentals and four new apartment mates: our new fish. Names will be posted soon. Shopping was exhausting, as usual. We came back and put stuff away, got the fish in their new home, and then I started in on making dinner. We had eggplant parmesean. There are a TON of leftovers even though I didn't even use a whole eggplant. I think I am going to restrict the casserole-like dishes for when we have company.

After dinner we drove up to northern Bethesda for the Comcast Summer Film Festival. We saw The Princess Bride in camp chairs outside the Strathmore Mansion. It was really wonderful weather for an outdoor showing and the crowd was good sized too. And since I have already been disowned by my sister for my apparent appalling to the film, I have no qualms about saying that I enjoyed it and even laughed a little. As usual, Billy Crystam was hysterical. In my family, falling in love with the Princess Bride is on about the same scale as appreciating good italian food. So, when I said that I liked it but didn't really love it or fall out of my chair laughing about it, I was condemned to no longer being a member of the family. Oh well, I'll just have to work my way back in somehow.

But despite the temporary "missing" sister, today went really well. I am entirely wiped and have a pretty interesting day planned for tomorrow so, off I go. However, look forward to some comments on the articles in the Washington Post I read today. They did not deliver the best section of the paper the Magazine and the comics. I'll be calling the paper tomorrow. OKay, seriously need to head to dreamland. Perhaps you'd like to pay me a visit there? (More evidence of exhaustion right there.) Goodnight. Love always, ~Heather